Macica Workshop-Back from Grey Fox 2015

Greetings!  We are now back from Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival and thought we would send you all some highlights from the week at the festival….

DSC02349 (2) (Custom)

Anybody remember the “Beverly Hillbillies”?  ..”the kin folk said, Jed, move away from here..they said California is the place you want to be, so they loaded up the truck and they moved to Beverly..” (that’s what this picture reminds me of…)

In our case…..”the kin folk said, Mart, you know it’s that time of year…they say, Grey Fox Festival is where you ought to go, so we loaded up our truck headin’ for the bluegrass show!”

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I heard it said that there was about 10 to 15,000 attenders this year…a “sold out” year for the  festival…

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We had a good amount of traffic in the booth this year throughout the weekend…  Thanks to all who stopped by for a visit and to try out the instruments.  We had some good jams as well as many repairs that kept me busy this festival.

DSC02412 (2) (Custom)

Thanks to Steve Kovacik, and Frank Marchitto for participating with me in the Luthier Workshop/Symposium on Saturday.  It is always nice to re-connect with both these men during this festival.

DSC02405 (2) (Custom)  

This year, we opened the symposium with three excellent musicians playing a instrument from each of our shops….Thanks guys for a great introduction!

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Though the weather was fairly hot for the majority of the festival, the creek proves to be a nice place to cool off for both adults and children!

We enjoyed some great music this festival….Here are a few highlights….

DSC02361 (2) (Custom)DSC02375 (2) (Custom)

The Gibson Brothers….always enjoyable to see live..

DSC02392 (2) (Custom)

Michael Daves and friends…very energetic!

DSC02389 (2) (Custom)

Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn (husband and wife)…both very skilled on the banjo and enjoyable to listen to..

DSC02415 (2) (Custom)

Many little groups of instrument classes for the “Kids Academy” at Grey Fox…Here is a banjo class we happened upon…

DSC02352 (2) (Custom)

Until next year Grey Fox…..Keep on pickin!

Other news from the workshop….

DSC02334 (2) (Custom)

Well, we finished up the six month violin course, and here is a great picture of the happy graduates…   I enjoyed working with this group of men very much and am so pleased with their accomplishments.

DSC02337 (2) (Custom)

They worked hard and progressed in their skill and knowledge of violin making as well as woodworking.

DSC02340 (2) (Custom)

It has been a pleasure to work with you all and hope to see you again in future classes…  I will be posting some more info about classes being offered this fall…stay tuned…

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May you all enjoy these summer months….

Until next time,





Macica Workshop-Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival 2015

Greetings from Macica Workshop!  I hope you are all enjoying your summer thus far…  It is now July, and it is Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival time once again!

Here are some pics from recent years….

October 2013 615 (Custom) (2)P1080381 (Custom) P1080417 (Custom) P1080367 (Custom)P1080463 (Custom)October 2013 606 - Copy P1080442 (Custom)

We are looking forward to another great festival this year…

I will have 3 A-style mandolins that I am finishing up presently…

P1120053 (2) (Custom)P1120047 (2) (Custom)P1120050 (2) (Custom) as well as 3 F-style mandolins for sale this year…  Plus, I will have my bench set up for repairs, set-ups ect….   Looking forward to visiting with you all at the booth!

I am currently finishing up the violin course that I have been teaching with the Northeast Woodworkers Association….  They are finishing up nicely and I will include some final pictures in my next blog post….

P1120024 (2) (Custom)P1120028 (2) (Custom)

See you all at the Festival!

Take Care,





Macica Workshop-Back from the Irish Isle

DSC01679 (Custom)

Greetings!  We have returned from our two week trip over to Ireland.  We were able to see so much while over there…

DSC02074 (Custom)DSC01592 (Custom)


Amazing, beautiful landscapes….

DSC01127 (Custom)DSC01260 (Custom)DSC01239 (Custom)

Quaint little towns with colorful houses and storefronts…

DSC01715 (Custom)DSC01290 (Custom)DSC00886 (Custom)DSC01854 (Custom)

Historical sites and sculptures of important Irish figures…

DSC01313 (Custom)DSC01312 (Custom)DSC01925 (Custom)DSC01893 (Custom)


Good Food and Markets…..

DSC01629 (Custom)

and of course….lots of fun Irish music!  I was able to sit in a “Trad” (what they call traditional Irish music) session almost every night…

DSC01416 (Custom)DSC02156 (Custom)DSC01641 (Custom)DSC01410 (Custom)

It was a “grand holiday” as the Irish would say…   The Irish people were so friendly and welcoming.  Until we meet again Ireland….

In the workshop, I am close to finishing up with the violin class that I am teaching at the Northeast Woodworkers Association…


The students are doing well and it was a treat to see the progress they have made on their violins…



All the men in the class show a lot of heart in what they are doing and I am glad to be working with them.

If you are interested in making a D’Angelico arch top guitar,  the N.W.A is  organizing a class for the fall.

P1070846 (Custom) (2)

D'Angelico Arched Top Guitar

D’Angelico Arched Top Guitar

There is a informational meeting on Thursday, June 25 at 6:30 pm.  This class is only open to members of the N.W.A, so you can look at the info on becoming a member at

Last evening, I was able to help teach the “Hardwood Spatula Workshop” at Maplewood Center for Common Craft.

DSC02185 (2) (Custom)DSC02187 (2) (Custom)    I encourage you to check out the website for the excellent workshops/classes that are being offered this summer and fall.

That is all for now,

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Macica Workshop-Springtime

P1110015 (2) (Custom) Well, Spring is slowly showing itself here in upstate.  We are able to start some of our outside projects for the season.  My son, Ian and I began breaking up an old concrete foundation on top of our hill to ready the area for his training pen for his horse Adi and a new colt.

P1110023 (2) (Custom)P1110038 (2) (Custom) In the shop, I finished putting the binding on the mandolins.  Next, I will be gluing on the fingerboard so that I can start shaping it.  Right now it is like a diamond in the rough.

P1110188 (2) (Custom) I am also doing my best to keep up with my students in the violin class. We spent last class focusing in on the purfling and roughing out the scroll.  I hope to soon have my scroll close to finished so that I can start fitting in the neck.

P1110194 (2) (Custom)P1110196 (2) (Custom)

Instruments in their present state….

P1110190 (2) (Custom) I will keep you posted on some of the upcoming classes I will be teaching in the fall when all the details are worked out….Stay tuned!

Take Care,



Woodworking Show 2015

P1100977 (2) (Custom)  Well, It was a fun weekend at the Northeast Woodworkers Show in Saratoga Springs.  Here is a picture of the Maplewood Center for Common Craft booth .  I worked on showing some woodworking demos as well as displaying a couple of my instruments and talking about some of the upcoming classes.  Please click on the link above to see some of the other classes that will be offered in their beautiful, timber framed wood shop. They will be having an Open House on April 25th from 10-12.  A good time to visit the facility and learn about some of their classes.

I also spent some time at the NWA booth talking about and displaying some of the work from the Violin class.

P1100971 (2) (Custom)  I am finding that there is a lot of people who are interested in learning the process of how things are made.  I think this helps them to appreciate the value of things more.  Plus, I think those that do decide to take a class are discovering what a joy it is to work with your hands with hand tools.

In shop, I am working on a violin right along with the students in my class.

P1100982 (2) (Custom)  We are all getting close to closing up the box of the violin.  I think some of the students already have.  We had three weeks to finish graduating the top and back, cut the f holes, and glue the bass bar in.  Next, we will glue the top on and get ready for the purfling.  Who knows?  Perhaps we will even get as far as cutting out the scroll in our next class….to be determined.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the Northeast Woodworkers Association, here is a link to their website.

All in all, it was a great weekend and I enjoyed talking with those that stopped by the booths.  Thanks.

As a side note…..

p1070294 custom  I will be setting up a mandolin making course for the fall.  I already have a few interested in taking this class. Let me know if you are interested….

Take Care,