Blog #3: Headstock

Mandy Blog #3:  Well, it looks like Spring is here to stay..  I am enjoying opening the windows and letting that Spring breeze in the workshop.  I continue to put the steer horn binding on the commissioned mandolin I am working on.  I have also moved on to working on the head stock as well.  The steer horn is very pliable after you soak it in boiling water.  The more I use it, the more I like it.  I enjoy working on the head stock and doing the inlay.  I use mother of pearl for the Macica inscription and Abalone for the tree.  I will send along some photos to show the process as I work!  Enjoy.  Marty


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Hello! Still a bit rainy here in upstate New York…  In shop today I’ve been working on doing some re-touch on a 2004 Macica Mandolin.  I enjoy keeping in touch with former customers that have bought instruments from me.  I am also at work on a current mandolin commission..  Today I was cutting the steer horn for the binding.  I find the steer horn makes for a great look and durable too!  I also had a young man in shop today that I have been working with for a couple of years..  He is making a D’Angelico Jazz guitar.. and doing a fine job!    Until next time…   Marty

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Storefront Open for Business!

Storefront Open for Business!!

The Macica Workshop ready and open.  Here are some new pictures of the finished shop.  It is a delight to work in and still be close to my family.  I will try to send out a blog every couple of days to let you know what I am working on.  Today I am working on cutting a cello bridge for a repair and on a mandolin commission.  I am now putting on the binding…using the steerhorn..looks great!

Rainy here in upstate New York….   though its what we expect in April.   I’m still considering what festival I will be at this summer…  I think I am leaning toward going to Podunk Bluegrass Festival in Hartford, Conneticut.. (August 4-7)(if they have the space??)  I’ll write again soon!



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New Storefront Opening Soon!

New Storefront Opening Soon! We hope to have the new storefront open for business within the next few weeks!  Signs are going up and furniture being moved in. I plan on doing a lot more blogging once I am in workshop again to let you all know what I am up to in my work.  Right now, I am working on a mandolin commission for an F-style Mandolin.  I am working out of my basement right now and look forward to moving up into the new space. Stay Tuned!  MARTY

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Inside Workshop1Inside shop2Mosaic sign3