A Fresh Batch of Instruments

It always feels good to be starting a new, fresh batch of instruments.  The A model mandolins seem to be a favorite lately of many musicians I meet.

Right now, I am joining the top and back plates, as well as the head stocks so that I can get them ready for carving.  The way to a beautiful, handmade piece is a sharp tool.  Muscle, power or force, should never take the place of sharpness.  I find that when a tool is sharp, its then that I can really experience the beauty of craftsmanship.

As I tell my son, “trust the sharpness of the blade…do not totally rely on your own muscle and strength to carve.”  I think God and His Word are like the sharp blade…and we need to rely on Him more and not on our own power and strength to live life.  Hebrews 4:12

When I get the joint just right, I am ready for gluing.  I use hot, rabbit skin glue.

The old, Italian violin makers did it this way, and their joints have stayed together for hundreds of years.  It is good to respect and learn from the masters.

Well, I will keep you posted on the process…

Until next time,



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