A-style mandolin-Workshop time

Well, I am glad to be back in the workshop again.  I am very pleased about how the new A-models came out.

I feel it is a good way to get an affordable master craft instrument into an aspiring musicians hand.  I am continuing to put together the A model mandolin I have been working on for a special musician.  I am cutting the side down to a good height that will have good air volume with the inside.

I like to carve the top and back by hand so that I can feel what the wood wants to do.  The arching height may be different depending on the piece of wood.  Each piece has its own personality.  Saying all that, I make my sides at different heights within the range of a few millimeters.  Because the tops and backs may have a different height, when all is assembled, the volume inside should resonate a D. The  f hole size makes a difference too.

The tone bars are now shaped and the plates are tuned.  I have also been finishing up some detail work on the F5.

I will probabally put the final coat of varnish on today…busy….busy….busy.  I am very happy with the color!

I thought I’d post these pics my son took the other day of a red-tailed hawk just outside of the workshop.  It moved from tree to tree.. fun to watch.

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