A-style Mandolins-Macica Workshop

Greetings!  Well, with finishing up the Bouzouki and getting the Violin Making class underway, it’s time to focus on finishing up these three A-style mandolins.

Every instrument that I make is completely hand-crafted.  My wholesalers may machine the wood to get it to me in raw form, but when it hits my bench, its completely hands-on.  I have finished tuning the plates with these three instruments.  The last tuning takes place after I have cut the ff’s and have carved the bass bars.

When I am done tuning, I enclose the box.

I, then put the head stock facing on.  I like to face the head stock on both sides instead of just one.  I feel it gives it a certain quality that I like.

I do have to say, I sure love making instruments.  When playing an instrument, it involves a trio of people… the person who wrote the music, the person playing the instrument and the person who made the instrument.  I feel blessed to do what I do.

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