Back from Joe Val 2013

Hello all!  We are back from Joe Val Bluegrass Festival in Framingham, Mass.  It was a great festival and I enjoyed meeting and talking with you all that came to visit at my booth…

I am grateful for all the great feedback I have received about the Macica instruments.  I am looking forward to making some more of the new A-model I have been showing.  The BBU staff does a great job at running this festival.  The workshops that are offered, the two stages that showcase the different bluegrass bands, and the vendor area, are all run with excellence.  Thank you.

Bluegrass Gospel Project

Bluegrass Gospel Project

One thing that is nice for me as a father, is to see how encouraging the adults are towards the younger children as they start being able to play in some of the various jams around the festival.  They are always willing to let them pick a song they know, give them some leads and encourage them in their musicianship as well as just to have fun playing music!

All in all, we had another great time at the Joe Val festival and perhaps we will see you all at some future festivals this summer. Until next time,



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