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Hello all!  I have taken quite a long vacation from blogging workshop news, but I am now back to it and will do my best to keep you updated.  I have been doing lots of repairs on many violins recently…

I have finished up a F5 mandolin that I didn’t have ready before Grey Fox. Here are some pics from the finishing up process…

fitting the bridge

fitting the bridge

I like to make sure the bridge fits perfectly to the top, so it gets a good transfer of sound.

I use my No. 5 gouge to cut the circumference of the feet.

carving the bridge feet

carving the bridge feet

I am also making a lot of progress on the A-model I have been working on.  I have been cutting out the inlay for the peg head.  I know a lot of modern makers now rely on laser technology to do this kind of work, but I find it so enjoyable exacting the fine detailed work by hand.  I spot glue the negative inlay cut out to position the peg head laminate.



I am also preparing the fingerboard. I am squaring up the sides, and then it will be time to slot it for the frets….the progress continues.

Here is a closing pic from the view we saw from a hike my family and I went on yesterday in the Adirondacks.


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