Blog #11:Finished binding and Flattening the Fingerboard

Blog #11: Finished binding and Flattening the Fingerboard

Howdy all! Well, I have finished all the steerhorn binding on the commission

instrument that I am working on… and soon it will be time for varnish.  This

is the part where it seems like a lump of clay and there is a beautiful mandolin

under all those rough edges.

I also will be putting the frets in shortly.  Right now I am doing step two

of the flattening process…which involves flattening the ebony fingerboard

and binding and then pressing the frets in.  Still working on some re-finishing

repairs as well.  I am also building a brick planter to the right of the workshop porch

area. I will send pics when it is finished!

Keep on pickin!  Marty

finished with binding

finished with binding


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