Blog #42: Joe Val Festival 2012

Blog #42:  Joe Val Festival 2012

Well, here we are back in New York from the Joe Val Festival in Framingham, Mass.  We are always glad to be back home after being away for any length of time.. I guess its true when they say, “Home is where the heart is”.   I felt things went real well at the festival, and I was able to meet a lot of great mandolin players.  I really like the Joe Val Festival for many reasons, but one thing is the size..  This festival has a intimacy about it, where you can really get to know the people and the players.  It is also very well organized and well hats off to the staff and volunteers!  Although I am at my booth for most of the festival, I was able to see a few bands that I really of my favorite bluegrass groups being Blue Highway…

My family also really enjoyed, The Josh Williams Band, The Whites, and Sierra Hull…to name a few….    During the evenings in our hotel room, my family and I watched the Food Network..  Therefore, upon arriving home, I was inspired to whip up a great meal with some big flavor!  My wife of course encouraged me in my cooking endeavor and I headed to the local grocery store for some savory ingredients.   In little time, the blue cheese mushroom burgers, complete with spices such as garlic and basil where in my imagination..a masterpiece!  I added some fresh cut potato fries grilled in olive oil as well as some sauteed spinach for a side…   In the end, it tasted A LOT better than it looked….  I guess I’ll have to postpone my aspirations as a great chef and stick to making mandolins…..

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