Blog #51 Putting in the Purfling

Blog #51 Putting in the Purfling

Well, for some reason, I like to start off my blog entries with a weather report..  It seems it is good way to lead into what is going on in my workshop.. will always know what the weather is here in upstate New York!

By the way… it is kinda cloudy and cool today.

I am now preparing to put the purfling on the violin.  This means I work the overhanging edge to correspond to the side of the instrument. Here I am cutting the edge.



Here I am using the file on the edge work.

I am also spending some time curving the scroll. Much of which I am depending on my eye to see where it needs working.

In this next picture I am hollowing out the box..

That is all for now.  Until next time,


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