Blog #52: Putting in the Purfling

Putting in the Purfling: Hello, Well, I have been putting the purfling (inlay) in around the edges.  I am using a scribing tool that makes two light scores all around the edge.  I score it in flowingly, as if I am doing a brush stroke with a paint brush.
Scibing Tool

Scribing Tool

After much scoring, I pull the wood out of the channel that I just scored.  I then, bend and cut the purfling and press it into place.
Instaling Purfling

Installing Purfling

You want to have tight, elegant corners.  In violin making, you don't just want to make a tight fit, but also an artistic flow as well. I am also working on getting ready to fit the neck in.  All is going very well. Like I said before, I do appreciate your comments.  It is wonderful to bring people into an appreciation of the process. Until next time, Take Care,  Martin

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