Blog #57:Mandolin Camp North

Hello all! I am back from Mandolin Camp North.  It was a beautiful weekend, and I made a lot of mandolin pickin friends…

During my time there, I find I am learning more and more about the day in which we live in.  As a maker of master craft instruments, I am caught in between “do it yourself mandolin kit makers” and extremely high end and low end mandolins, which are made for the most part by machines in a highly mechanized fashion.  I will say, I did really like Ben Pierces’ mandolins.. a maker I met while I was there at the camp.  I do feel that skill and love is the recipe for an excellent instrument.

I was pleased to see one man’s Monteleone mandolin that was made in the same year (1992) that my first signature style mandolin was made.

1992 Monteleone and Macica Mandolins

1992 Monteleone and Macica Mandolins

See the similiarities??  I do feel it is good to respect the masters, and then to artistically express yourself off the perimeter of their work.  The masters being.. Lloyd Loar for mandolins and for violins Stradivarius.

1992 Monteleone and Macica Mandolins

Thank you to Mike Holmes and Phil Zimmerman for a great weekend at Mandolin Camp North!

In workshop, I have applied the color to the violin commission I have been working on and am very pleased with the outcome..  I will Blog soon on this process…

Until next time,


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