Blog #60:Pegs, Notches and Bridge

Greetings from the workshop!  Well, I am very close to finishing the violin I have been working on.  The varnish is completed and I now move on to some very important fine details.  Some of these details include: drilling the holes for the pegs,

cutting into the lower block for the saddle and cutting notches for the f holes.

I like these lines to be crisp.  This is why I do these after the varnish is on, so the varnish does not heap into these areas and cause dis-coloration.  These fine details can be very intense, because you cannot make a mistake.  Last of all, I’ll be cutting the bridge and setting it up.

It is exciting to soon see and hear the finished fine instrument…

I will write again on setting up the violin and pictures of the finished instrument.

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