Macica Workshop/2022 News

We have started our own YouTube channel and invite you all to check out our first video series showing the process of making a Viola da Gamba. We look forward to adding more content soon! (Videographer: Josiah Macica)

Greetings from Macica Workshop!

The Macica Workshop not only has a new look, but has been a busy place here in 2022….

New batch of Macica Guitars now on sale….

Adirondack Folk School Classes:

I am teaching several new classes this year at the folk school. You can see their list of courses on the website link above. I hope to see some of you in these upcoming classes this year!

Let’s Build a Guitar!

Guitar Building Intensive Class 2022:

When: Monday and Tuesday evenings (May 30th-August 16th)

Time: 5:30-9:30 p.m.

Where: The Macica Workshop (166 County Route 338, Schuylerville, NY 12871)

Cost: $1,850.00 ($850 down to register and $1,000 due at the end of class)

Contact to register: 518-695-3029/518-538-4278 Macica Workshop or through our website

Look forward to seeing you in class! (2 spots left…)

Festivals are open once again!

I hope to see you all at Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival this summer once again!

New commisssions/instrument builds…

We are in the process of making a new website as well….stay tuned!

Happy Spring!

Until next time,

Martin Macica

Maker of Fine Stringed Instruments

Macica Workshop: February 2021

Greetings from The Macica Workshop….

Hello All, I hope your holidays were good and this blog post finds you healthy and able to enjoy the season a bit with those close to you. In the shop, I have been busy… I finished up a violin ūüéĽ and it is now in Colorado. Actually, the last three instruments that sold of mine went to Colorado. The first was a cello….
Macica Cello
Next was a viola…
Macica Viola
And lastly, a violin…
Macica Violin
It is nice when your work speaks for you. It is so rewarding to make an instrument for someone and hear and see their appreciation of your work. I am sorry for the recent loss of two people I really appreciated in the musical world…
Tony Rice
The first being Tony Rice, a legendary bluegrass guitarist. I first began listening to his albums back when I was a teenager and was just learning to play and appreciate bluegrass ūüéĶ music. I am grateful for the legacy of his music that he has left behind.
Matt McCabe
The second being Matt McCabe, the owner of Saratoga Guitar, a local music shop in our area. I remember when Matt came into my shop in downtown Schuylerville and said he was going to open a shop in Saratoga Springs…and Boy, he did. I felt connected to him because we were both running a music business and raising a family all around the same time. You will be missed.
I am continuing to finish up this next batch of guitars…to be ready soon! I am not able to send out blog posts as often as I would like, but feel free to follow my Instagram @macicaworkshop to see what I am up to in the shop ūüéĽ ūüéĶ ūüďł more regularly… as well as my family @buildingblockbarn

New Classes coming up:

Handmade Spoons

Hardwood Spoon Carving on Saturday, March 6th from 9:00-5:00 p.m. at The Adirondack Folk School.

You can check out their website at
Dovetailed Shaker Candle Box

Dovetailed Shaker Candle Box on Saturday, May 15th and Sunday, May 16th from 9:00-5:00 p.m. at The Adirondack Folk School.

Adirondack Dulcimer

Adirondack Dulcimer Making August 4-7th from 9:00-4:00 p.m. at The Adirondack Folk School.

Macica Mandolin
That‚Äôs all for now… I am hoping to get back to a couple bluegrass festivals this summer and be able to visit with you all…
Until next time, Martin

Macica Workshop Thanksgiving Greetings!

Black Friday Event!

A Happy Thanksgiving to you! We are having a Black Friday Sale.. Martin Style D-18 Guitars on sale for $2,299.00. That is $200 less than what a standard Martin D18 would sell for. All my Macica Guitars are all hand-crafted. I use Adirondack Spruce for all the tops of my guitars. Put your heart ‚̧ԳŹ and soul into something that is made with heart and soul…

Photos from the workshop…

Detail of Macica Guitar
Guitar Time
Macica Instruments
In progress…
The Bench
The Scroll
Keeping busy in the workshop…though I am missing teaching classes and seeing you all at the many festivals that were cancelled this year.

Hoping you are healthy and enjoying this Holiday Season ūüé∂

Guitar Mold Wreath

With Much Thankfulness, Martin Macica

Macica Workshop: March/April/May 2020

IMG_2938IMG_3053IMG_0986 1 (Custom)

Greetings from the Macica Workshop! I hope you all are staying healthy and safe during this time of quarantine.  It has been all about GUITARS in the workshop these past couple months. I have been working on 7 new guitars in shop and they are coming along nicely.


IMG_3077 1IMG_20190509_140730_882

We are Open for business… Feel free to just drop off instruments for repair at the door by appointment.¬† If you are interested in purchasing an instrument, we can arrange a payment through Pay Pal.


Back to the guitars….I am making six D18 guitars and one 0018.¬† They all have Adirondack Spruce tops.¬† Price is very reasonable for these guitars…..For a limited time offer, I am selling these for $2,250.00 (C.F. Martin sells for $2, 499).

 New Shop Entrance:


A work in progress… along with a new walkway and more parking area available for shop customers.¬† It is still a bit cold here in upstate New York, but we have hope that Spring is just around the corner.


Guitar Building Class that I have been teaching has been put on hold until a later date….to be announced soon…

Daily updates posted on our shop Instagram @macicaworkshop

Also..feel free to check out our family Instagram @buildingblockbarnworks


Stay Healthy, Until next time,


Macica Workshop: February 2020


stock-vector-february-single-word-with-hearts-banner-vector-illustration-1015273954 (2)

February greetings from The Macica Workshop….


I started out the month with breaking my leg…¬† I was stepping off some ice and fell on my ankle in the snow. I am able to get around pretty good with my special “crutchie” scooter and my “peg-leg” from my brother-in-law.¬† I am still able to work in my shop and I am grateful for that.

The finished Cello…



Many of you have been following the process of this cello I have been making for a dear friend.  This cello is my own model and I am very pleased with the finished piece.  If you would like to follow the process of this instrument being made, feel free to refer to my Instagram (Macicaworkshop)  Here are some recent pics of the cello:

Guitar Building Class:

Here are some recent pics from the Guitar Building Class that I have been teaching through Maplewood Center for Common Craft.  It has been a great group to be working with and they are all doing well in the class.  I look forward to hearing the sound of these beautiful, hand-crafted instruments.


Joe Val Bluegrass Festival 2020

Another great festival in Framingham, Mass.! I was unable to attend this year because of my leg, but my son and a few of our friends that enjoy playing bluegrass had a good time pickin at the festival! Balsam Range was a favorite this year!

IMG_0849 1IMG_4100 (Custom) (2)

Winter Bluegrass session at our home/workshop…Cabin fever?

Coming in March…

IMG_1073IMG_0737 (Custom)

Our friend and Irish Folk Musician, Tim O’Shea from Killarney, Ireland will be visiting our area once again in the month of March. If you live locally, feel free to check out one of his concerts or workshops….

LEG 3 NEW YORK: (Concerts & workshops)

with Paddy Timoney (Fiddle) and Andrew Coletti (Irish Dancer)

 March 18 Wed Travel & Rehearsals

March 19 Thu 1pm Saratoga Senior Centre     DUO    BOOKED

March 19 Thu 7pm Glen Falls Crandall Library TRIO BOOKED

March 20 Fri 12 5pm Queensbury Senior Centre  DUO   BOOKED

March 21 Sat 1pm Schylerille Drum Workshop   SOLO BOOKED

March 22 3pm Saratoga House Concert w Paudy DUO  BOOKED

March 23 5pm Mon Pittsfield MA Drum Workshop SOLO TBC


Let’s Build an Ukulele!

Big picture Looking forward to teaching this class in April.  If you are interested in building your own Uke, registration information is above. I hope to see you in class!


Well, that’s it for February news from the Workshop.¬† I am going to do my best to be posting at least once per month.¬† Enjoy the end of this winter season with hopes for Spring!



Until next time,