Macica Workshop: Merry Christmas 2018/Workshop News

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Merry Christmas to you all from The Macica Workshop…


It has been quite a long time since my last post…I have not closed shop, but have been rather busy and have taken a little break from blog posting. I will do my best to give you a brief overview of what has been going on in shop this fall/winter…

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Here are some photos of the Macica violin I finished up in the beginning of the fall season..My friend Justus Waldron (photographer) took these photos of the violin for some advertising I was doing.  Great Job Justus!        

Making violins always brings me back to my roots… I both enjoy making and playing the violin.

New Commission:  Viola da Gamba

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I am finishing up a Viola da Gamba that I have been working on since the fall….I will post more photos of this on my next blog.

A Viola da Gamba is a bass member of the viol family having a range approximating the cello.  I like working on viols, because they are like making half violin and half guitar.  They are tuned typically in fourths and have 6 to 7 strings.

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I have been having a instrument making class with my sons two nights a week this fall/winter. Ian, my oldest (18) is making a Martin-style D18 Dreadnought Guitar.  My middle son, Josiah (16) is making an octave mandolin.  My youngest son, Ezra (13) is working on his carving skills with some fun caricature carvings.  It is a blessing to  be able to pass on the gifts and talents I have been given unto my sons… “The righteous man walks in his integrity; his children are blessed after him.” Proverbs 20:7

Upcoming Classes:  To be announced

I will keep you all posted when I have upcoming classes scheduled.

Repairs, Repairs, Repairs:

I am often working on repairs in the shop on all kinds of instruments… bow re-hairs, bridge work, frets, sound post adjustments, cracks and varnish touch-ups ect…. Please keep me in mind for any repairs your instruments may have need of…

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I have been enjoying the beautiful Adirondack mountains in our back yard this year… Some beautiful and challenging hiking trails to partake of!  Hope you too are enjoying the outdoors and the season!

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Until next time,




Macica Workshop: Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival 2018

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Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival 2018 is here again…. July 19th-July 22nd!

Just a quick post to let you know I will be at Grey Fox Festival next week with my instruments…Look forward to seeing you all again! I will have my repair bench with me as well for any instruments that may need some repair or bows that may need a re-hair.  Come by the booth and pick a tune, try out a mandolin or just to say “hello”…See you then!


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Macica Workshop: Joe Val Bluegrass Festival/Mandolins and More….

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Joe Val Bluegrass Festival

Hello all!  We had a nice time at the Joe Val Bluegrass Festival in Framingham, Mass.  In the midst of a room swimming with Eastman Instruments, I was able to set up a table to show my new mandolins that I had just finished.  It can be a bit discouraging to see so many of the mass produced instruments with lower price tags being sold so frequently these days, but I do appreciate the player that comes to my table/booth and sees the quality of workmanship, the sound and the artistry that goes into the handcrafted Macica Instrument.  Here are a few photos of the new mandolins…

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Ian’s new Macica Mandolin:

I recently put the finishing touches on a Macica Mandolin that is actually the first mandolin that I ever made.  I never fully finished it out and have kept it in storage until now.  I asked my son, Ian if he would like to have this instrument if I took the time to finish it out.  He gave me his input on how he would like to  see it finished out, and he now has his very own Macica instrument…

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The shop’s new look:

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Here is a photo of the main workshop area above….This winter we have worked on making a second workshop space with two new benches and some more shelving for hanging instruments.  This new space makes room for my sons to work on various projects, some independent study class space for instrument building, and more bench space for repairs as well…

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Northeast Woodworkers Showcase

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Looking forward to the Northeast Woodworkers Wood Show this weekend..

March 24th and 25th at the Saratoga City Center.  I will be doing a demo on Saturday from 10:30-12:00 in the Highrock room on making a violin scroll…Hope to see you there!

Well, that’s all for now…..Looking forward to Spring arriving soon…

I’ll post some photos of the guitars that I am finishing up next time.

Until then,




Macica Workshop: Guitar Class/Joe Val Festival/A-Model Mandolin

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Its time again for the winter Joe Val Bluegrass Festival!  I hope to see you all in Framingham, Mass. this weekend…Come by the booth for a visit, to play a tune, and to try out one of the Macica instruments for sale.  Looking forward to a great weekend!

Maplewood Center for Common Craft: Guitar Building Class

We recently finished the Guitar Building Class at Maplewood Center for Common Craft...  It is so rewarding to come to the last class when we finish putting on the hardware, string up the instruments and listen to them play.  I so enjoy seeing the smiles on the students faces as they strum their own handcrafted guitar for the first time!  Great job guys!  Here are some photos from the class….

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Macica A-Model Mandolin: A happy customer!

I just recently finished a commission for a Macica A-model Mandolin for a customer that is a left-handed mandolin player…Enjoy Mary!

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Other News:


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Our friend and Irish folk musician, Tim O’Shea (dwells in County Kerry, Killarney, Ireland) will be coming to the local area… Feel free to check out one of the venues he will be playing coming up this March.

Here is our NY Tour:
USA Upstate New York March 19 – 27 
Date:                      Time:             Venue:                                                                              Event:
March 21 Wednesday 1-2:30pm     Public Services Librarian Bethlehem Public Library Concert (Trio)      
                                                               451 Delaware Avenue Delmar, New York 12054  (518) 439-9314 ext. 3009
March 22 Thursday 2-4         Saratoga Senior Centre                                           Concert (Duo)
March 22 Thursday 7 – 9      Glens Falls Crandall Public Library                      Concert (Trio)
March 23 Friday TBC             Saratoga House Concert   TBC                               TBC
March 24 Saturday    2-4       Schylerville Rural Drum Studio (Irish Drum talk and play)    Talk & Play (Solo)   
March 25 Sunday 2-4              Albany Heritage Centre Drum talk and demo  Talk & Demo
Enjoy the rest of the winter…..Spring will soon be on its way!
Until next time,

Macica Workshop: Season’s Greetings/December News

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Season’s Greetings from the Macica Workshop….

May you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018!


Shop News….


2017 Guitar Building Class at Maplewood Center for Common Craft:

This class is in full swing and the guitars are coming along nicely.  We have finished the body of the guitars and are moving on to working the necks of the instrument.  I have been enjoying working with this group of students and the class has a nice feel to it.  Great job guys!

Here are some photos from the class:

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Upcoming Festivals:

We will once again be at the Joe Val Bluegrass Festival in February….Hope to see you there!

When:  February 16-18 2018

Where:  Sheraton Framingham, Framingham, MA


Other Classes:

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Violin making class at the Northeast Woodworkers Association is underway as well.  I will post photos from the class on my next post!


New Class to start in March:

Handcraft your own Ukulele

Mondays at 2016 ACCR Facade 1 300dpi Capital Region Arts Center in Troy, NY.
March 5, 2018 to May 7, 2018 — 05:30 PM to 09:30 PM
Instructor: Martin Macica

Handcraft your own ukulele using hand tools. Uke’s are making a comeback for their great sound and their portability. Martin Macica’s 35 years of experience making stringed instruments will guide you through the process of creating your own quality instrument that you will have for years to come!

*Click on the website link above to register for the class.


Until next time……

Enjoy the winter season!

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