Macica Workshop: Summertime in the Shop

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Summer Greetings from the Macica Workshop! I hope you all have been able to get out a bit and enjoy these summer months….

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I’ve been able to get out to our backyard Adirondack mountains and do a little hiking and biking….seen some great views!

It’s hard to believe that we are closing on summer already and heading into the fall season…..I thought I better catch up on some summer shop news..

Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival:

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We had a great time at the festival even though we did have a bit of rain…

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and the mud was deep….but the music went on….

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Thanks to all that came by the booth for a visit! I enjoyed talking and playing music with old acquaintances as well as new ones.. It was great to participate once again in the Luthier’s Forum as well as to hear our instruments being played by some great, skilled musicians…Thanks guys!

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I was so happy to have my new friend, Pastor Philemon from Kenya come by the shop for a visit, and to show him the craft of instrument building.  He enjoyed trying out some of the instruments and hearing the sound they produced.  Look forward to visiting with you again Philemon!

Two-week Guitar Building Intensive Class with my Nephew….

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My nephew, Miciah had been wanting to build his own guitar, but seeing how he lives 3 1/2 hours away, he was unable to take one of the Guitar Building classes that I teach in our local area.  We decided to have him come stay with us for two weeks and have a intensive guitar building class (like an independent study) with him during that time.  At the end of our time together, he had built himself a beautiful instrument with a great soundA job well done Miciah!  Here are some photos of the process….

IMG_2109 (Custom)IMG_2117 (Custom)IMG_2118 (Custom)IMG_2119 (Custom)IMG_2120 (Custom)IMG_2193 (Custom)IMG_2201 (Custom)IMG_2208 (Custom)IMG_2213 (Custom)IMG_2305 (Custom)IMG_2310 (Custom)IMG_2300 (Custom)IMG_2332 (Custom)IMG_2336 (Custom)IMG_2337 (Custom)IMG_2314 (Custom)IMG_2328 (Custom)IMG_2319 (Custom)IMG_2321 (Custom)IMG_2340 (Custom)IMG_2342 (Custom)IMG_2382 (Custom)IMG_2390 (Custom)IMG_2397 (Custom)IMG_2400 (Custom)IMG_2405 (Custom)IMG_2407 (Custom)IMG_2417 (Custom)IMG_2415 (Custom)IMG_2410 (Custom)IMG_2425 (Custom)

Coming up Soon….

IMG_0150 (Custom)2016-11-10-22-00-46

Starting September 5th, we will begin our Guitar Building Class that is being offered through Maplewood Center for Common Craft.

The class is currently full, but I will keep you posted on any more classes that I will be teaching this fall.

Other news:

Fresh Grass 2017 Bluegrass Festival  Feel free to check out their website by clicking on the link.  The festival will be September 15-17th.  I will have a booth in the Luthier’s tent once again this year.  I hope to see you there!

Well, I think that I have caught up with all our summer news/updates, and will post some photos next blog on the latest mandolin commission that I am currently finishing…  Enjoy the rest of the summer season….happy canning and harvesting to those that have gardens!

Take Care,





Macica Workshop: Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival 2017/Geoffrey Ovington

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Yep, You guessed it! It’s that time again…..Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival  begins this week.  I will be at my booth beginning Wednesday, July 12th through Sunday, July 16th.  I look forward to visiting with all of you that come to the festival and perhaps we can even play a few tunes together as well.  I will have several instruments with me that are for sale as well as  a few “works in progress”.  Plus, I will have some more information about upcoming Instrument Building Classes.

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I will once again be participating in a Luthier’s Forum/Workshop with some other local Instrument Builders on Saturday morning…..Look forward to seeing you there!

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Other news:

Geoffrey O (Small)IMG_1891 (Custom)

I wanted to say a few words about a mentor of mine, Geoffrey Ovington whom recently passed away. Geoffrey is one of the most accomplished violin makers that I have had the privilege of knowing.  Each one of his instruments was handmade with much skill and beauty.  Geoffrey took me in as a Boces student when I was 18 years old. I worked with him for two years while I was in school and one year more after I graduated.  He taught me the skill of violin making with a very high standard.  He also helped to place me in New York City, where I worked as an apprentice on 57th street for four years.  In all my years of instrument building, he has been a great teacher and fellow violin maker.  I love the man and will miss him greatly.  

In the Workshop:

IMG_1895 (Custom)IMG_1892 (Custom)IMG_1897 (Custom)

I have been working with an inlay artist, Tracy Gryger (TNT Designs LLC) in experimenting with some new inlay for the mandolins I am presently working on.  I have been very happy with these new designs and think they will add greatly to the overall beauty of these new instruments…. Thank you Tracy!

Until next time,

See you at Grey Fox this week!






Macica Workshop: Mandolins and More….

Greetings from The Macica Workshop!  Well, Spring is here, and in between work projects in the shop, we have been busy getting our gardens ready…..

IMG_1326 (Custom) IMG_0932 (Custom)IMG_1327 (Custom)IMG_0930 (Custom)

Taking care of our baby goats that were born last month…..

IMG_1453 (Custom) IMG_1462 (Custom)IMG_0985 (Custom)IMG_0986 (Custom)

and just enjoying the beauty of Spring!

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In the Workshop:

I am working on finishing up a mandolin commission as well as some new mandolins that I will be bringing to Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival in July.. (click on link for more information about the festival)

IMG_1535 (Custom)

Here, I am bending the ebony for the back of the head-stocks….

IMG_1536 (Custom)

Next, I clamp them in place.

IMG_1538 (Custom)IMG_1540 (Custom)IMG_1539 (Custom)

I will continue to work on the fingerboards and head-stocks…and post the progress next time.

Other Workshop Projects:

I have just finished up a commission with my son, Josiah to make a handmade “folk art” style chess set for a friend of ours.  While I worked on the chess board and box/drawers, Josiah hand-carved all the figures and did the finish work on them.  Here are some pictures of the process….

IMG_1347 (Custom)IMG_0715 (Custom)IMG_0374 (Custom)IMG_1348 (Custom)IMG_1476 (Custom)IMG_1474 (Custom)IMG_1480 (Custom)IMG_1482 (Custom)IMG_1500 (Custom)IMG_1497 (Custom)IMG_1499 (Custom)IMG_1489 (Custom)IMG_1487 (Custom)IMG_1509 (Custom)IMG_1516 (Custom)IMG_1503 (Custom)IMG_1506 (Custom)IMG_1502 (Custom)IMG_1520 (Custom)IMG_1521 (Custom)IMG_1524 (Custom)IMG_1526 (Custom)IMG_1529 (Custom)IMG_1530 (Custom)


I just finished up with the Mandolin Building Class that I was teaching through Northeast Woodworkers Association.  All the men in the class were a pleasure to work with and have done a fine job with building their instruments.  Here are some photos from the last few classes:

IMG_0831 (Custom) IMG_0829 (Custom) IMG_0828 (Custom) IMG_0825 (Custom) IMG_0822 (Custom) IMG_0820 (Custom) IMG_0816 (Custom) IMG_1247 (Custom) IMG_1239 (Custom) IMG_1238 (Custom) IMG_1236 (Custom) IMG_1234 (Custom) IMG_1232 (Custom) IMG_1231 (Custom) IMG_1227 (Custom) IMG_1223 (Custom) IMG_1220 (Custom) IMG_1219 (Custom) IMG_1218 (Custom)

Thanks for all your hard work and for your interest in learning the process of mandolin making.  Look forward to another class soon!

As a side note:  I have added pictures to the “classes” tab on our website….Feel free to take a look!  I think I have all the classes posted on there now.      Next one to be offered will be Dreadnought Guitar Building through Maplewood Center for Common Craft (Class is full).

Well, I think that is all the updates for now.  Enjoy your Spring/Summer!

Until next time,






Macica Workshop: Open House at Maplewood Center for Common Craft

img_0075-customimg_0031-customp1040666 2

Please join us for the Open House at Maplewood Center for Common Craft

Saturday, April 22, 2017 from 10:00-Noon

located at 158 Windy Hill Rd. Greenwich, NY 12834‎

“We will be having our 5th annual Open House this weekend.  Take a tour of our main wood shop and timber frame workshop.  Hand tool demonstrations will include carving, dovetail joints, and even guitar making.  This is the perfect opportunity to meet our instructors and learn more about upcoming programs. No cost to attend, but please register” at

Hope to see you there!



Macica Workshop: 2017 Woodworkers Showcase

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Thanks to all who came to visit us at last weekends showcase!  There were many great demos and presentations to see and learn from, as well as various booths and exhibitions to enjoy!  We had a great turn out this year and enjoyed meeting those that came by for a visit…

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I will be offering some new instrument building classes this coming fall…you may find out more information at the websites below.

Until next time,