Macica Workshop-Season’s Greetings!

Hello Everyone!  Hope you had a pleasant Thanksgiving and are enjoying this holiday season.  In the workshop, I have been working on repairing a Viola da Gamba; an early period instrument.

DSC03323 (Custom)

To me, this instrument is like a guitar that you bow…DSC03324 (Custom)DSC03334 (Custom)

The instrument has an arched top with a flat back.  It usually has 6 to 7 strings and has frets kind of like a guitar.  I love that it is simple, yet elegant…..DSC03338 (Custom)DSC03354 (Custom)

I was able to string it up today and am very pleased with how it sounds…

DSC03366 (Custom)Here is my son, Josiah, playing it for me…He plays the cello also. The Viola da Gamba is one of my favorite instruments to make.

DSC03646 (Custom) Other news…..

In the arched top guitar class, we are busy doing our homework and gouging out the inside plates and cutting out the ff’s….

DSC03648 (Custom)

Next class, we will focus on fitting the bass bars.  We will be glueing the top and back onto the sides… Stay tuned…

DSC02969 (Custom)Every December, our family takes part in a Holiday Market at Canal Street Art Center here in Schuylerville, N.Y….  It is an opportunity for the members of our church community to sell our handmade items for the holiday season…Here are a few of the items our family is selling this year…

DSC03085 (Custom)DSC03596 (Custom)Rug Hooked Stars, Coasters (Mug Rugs) and Mittens (made by my youngest son, Ezra)….DSC03607 (Custom)

DSC03550 (Custom)Cutting boards with different wood inlays (made by my oldest son, Ian)DSC03554 (Custom)

DSC03559 (Custom) Character wood carvings (made by my middle son, Josiah)

DSC03562 (Custom)DSC03572 (Custom)

DSC02959 (Custom)and some Mosaic coasters (a team project…I make the wood frames and my wife does the mosaic) and wash boards….DSC03483 (Custom)

There are many other tables full of beautiful handmade items.  If any of you live in the local area…. Feel free to come by the Holiday Market for some holiday shopping.  It is open for the next two weekends downtown Schuylerville….

*December 12:  9:30 to 4:00/  December 13:  9:30 to 1:00

*December 19: 9:30 to 4:00/  December 20:  9:30 to 1:00

and lastly….The Macica Workshop and family sing out….

DSC03073 (2) (Custom) Glad Tidings of Comfort and Joy to you this Holiday Season!

Sincerely, Martin Macica and family

Macica Workshop: November News

Greetings from the Macica Workshop!

DSC02861 (Custom) The new floor in the shop is now finished..  and we are very happy with the end result.

DSC02860 (Custom)DSC02862 (Custom)

In other news, the Arched Top Guitar Class is going very well.

DSC02891 (2) (Custom)  Right now, is a prominent part of the class.  We are carving the contour of the top and back of the guitar.

DSC02897 (2) (Custom)

There are three stages here:

1.  First, rough gouging using a gouge and sometimes using a scrub plane

2.  Next, making the arch a little refined by using a thumb plane.. We do this using a lamp and shadow so the contour can be achieved..

DSC02892 (2) (Custom)

3.  Thirdly, we finish it out smooth using a scraper. Now it is time to turn it over and scoop the inside… To be continued….


A busy time of repairs in the shop…  In 2007, I had built a Viola da Gamba for a customer of mine.  The customer called me up to let me know that through an accident, the top had been damaged.  So, rather than fix the top, I am replacing it with a new one…

DSC02901 (2) (Custom)

Being the builder of the instrument, I feel this is the better way, so the instrument will maintain its value.

DSC02905 (2) (Custom)

As you can see in the photo above, I am also finishing up a cello repair with a bass bar crack.  Here, in this next photo, I am using a technique that I learned in New York City (where I apprenticed back in the 80’s) of replacing the bass bar with structural studs.

DSC02904 (2) (Custom)

Having a crack along the side of the bass bar makes that part of the top very vulnerable….this is the reason for the structural studs.  Next, I fit the bass bar over the studs to finish out the repair…

DSC02907 (2) (Custom)

I am sure you are all looking forward to a nice turkey dinner, time with family and friends and perhaps some apple or pumpkin pie…  May you have a pleasant Thanksgiving holiday…


Martin Macica

Macica Workshop: October News…


Hello Everyone…..  The A-style mandolins are now finished…

P1140007 (2) (Custom)P1140003 (2) (Custom)P1140009 (2) (Custom)P1140001 (2) (Custom)P1140012 (2) (Custom)P1140014 (2) (Custom)


I am pleased with the balance of beauty and sound.  The varnish is dark, yet transparent and they both produce a good, powerful sound with a balanced tone.

P1130107 (2) (Custom)

We have begun the Guitar building class (D’Angelico style Arched Top Guitar)….We cover quite a bit of ground in each class.  Last class, we built the sides of the guitar..

P1130102 (2) (Custom)     In the second class, we joined the top and the back….First, we planed down the wood of the top and back for joining them together…

P1130101 (2) (Custom)P1130103 (2) (Custom)

Next, we glued the top together using Hyde glue….P1130091 (2) (Custom)

My son helping me join the top in my own shop….

P1130096 (2) (Custom)P1130105 (2) (Custom)

After the glue is dry, the students will cut the outline out and start carving the contour…

P1130099 (2) (Custom)

Here’s Francis (retired chef whom also took my Violin making class…great guy!) pointing to his work cut out for him….

Lastly, my weekend project in shop….Putting in a new floor!

P1130112 (2) (Custom)

Here is the “before” picture of the rubber mat floor…..

DSC02828 (2) (Custom)

Next, putting down furring strips on masonry so that I can nail the new pine floor to it….  To be continued…..on next post.

Take Care,






Macica Workshop: Fresh Grass at Mass MoCA, North Adams, Mass.

P1120183 (2) (Custom)

Hello all! I have returned from Fresh Grass, and had a nice time meeting new faces, hearing good music and spending time with other luthiers.

The luthier tent was very busy place with musicians of all abilities and ages….

P1120233 (2) (Custom)

Frank Solivan plays a tune on a Macica with another musician standing by….

P1120231 (2) (Custom)

The D’Angelico guitar that I made for a friend of mine was fun to have at the festival…great sound!

P1120226 (2) (Custom)

Joe Walsh enjoyed picking a tune on a Macica A-style….

P1120199 (2) (Custom)

Mike was having a great time heading up a jam with some young, up and coming musicians…

It was nice to have my work bench with me, so that I had a work space for any repairs that musicians needed throughout the festival…

P1120180 (2) (Custom)

They have a nice set-up there at Fresh Grass and I had a great time.  Thank you to all the friendly staff there!  Look forward to next years festival!


A-style Mandolin Class at Maplewood Center for Common Craft still has openings….

Martin Style Dreadnaught Guitar Class at The Art Center of the Capital Region still has openings as well…

You can learn about the classes and register for them through the above websites.  Feel free to check them out.  Next week is the first class of the D’Angelico Guitar Class offered through the Northeast Woodworkers Association.  Looking forward to it!

Until next time,









Macica Workshop: Connecticut Shore/Fresh Grass at Mass MoCA

DSC02713 (2) (Custom)

Hello all! Remember the bike I restored for my wife from my last post?  Well… it fit right in at the ocean on the Connecticut shore this last week.

DSC02651 (2) (Custom)

We spent some time fishing….

DSC02640 (2) (Custom)

Walking the ocean shores searching for sea shells…

DSC02743 (2) (Custom)

Catching big horseshoe crabs…..

DSC02665 (2) (Custom) and enjoyed spending time with family that lives in the area.  These are two of my sons with a few of their cousins standing next to the latest carving that my brother-in-law finished in Old Lyme.  This is his tallest carving yet…well done Kris!  If interested in checking out some more of his carvings and other work, feel free to check out his website at:


In workshop news, I wanted to let you know I will be at “Fresh Grass” this weekend, located at Mass MoCA in North Adams, Massachusetts.  Feel free to check out their line-up and website at

Hope you are able to come and check out the Luthier tent at the festival this year…