Macica Workshop: 2016 Woodworkers Showcase

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Beautiful Spring day in upstate New York?? Despite the fact that Winter returned to our area today, we had a successful weekend at the 2016 Woodworkers Showcase in Saratoga Springs. 

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The event featured a plethora of different instruments and makers…

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Guitars with intricate inlay….

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A Banjocello….played with a bow….

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Mandolins…. and much more…

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Maplewood Center for Common Craft  had some great woodworking demonstrations such as:

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How to Sharpen a Saw (cross-cut and rip saw) by Logan Simms….

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and Making Instruments using Hand Tools..

The booth featured dovetail demos/joinery skills and carving techniques….

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With some nice giveaways as well…

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The students in my classes for the Northeast Woodworkers Association  featured a table with some of their finished instruments and works in progress…

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A job well done gentlemen! What a fine job you all have done….

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The event included Fine furniture…..

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and various handmade woodworking items made by local woodworkers….

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As well as some great music! (This talented group of musicians called, “One Step Closer”)

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I too, was able to join in and play a little fiddle…

Thanks to all who came out to the show….It was nice to see familiar faces as well as meet new ones.  We look forward to next year!

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Until we meet again,


NWA Woodworkers’ Showcase 2016/Website Additions

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Hello all,

It is time once again for the annual Northeast Woodworkers Associations Woodworkers’ Showcase. (Click on link to find out more about the show)

It will be held once again at the Saratoga Springs City Center on April 2 and 3 from 10:00 to 5:00.  The show this year is featuring Hand Made Musical Instruments.  There will be booths, presentations and demonstrations from luthiers and woodworkers alike.

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I will be participating with the NWA booth and featuring the instrument building process while talking about some of the classes I have been teaching through them.  Many of the students have agreed to display their instruments that they have made in the class as well.

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I will also be participating with the booth for Maplewood Center for Common Craft.  They too, will be talking about their upcoming classes, offering various woodworking demos and presentations on “Building Musical Instruments with Hand Tools” (Saturday 2:00-3:30) and “Saw Sharpening Fundamentals” (Sunday 12:00-1:30).

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I look forward to seeing you there!

On another note…..

IMG_1027 (Custom)We have made some new changes to our website… Feel free to take a look at the new photos we have added to the Gallery.  Also,we now have a tab dedicated to the Instrument Building “Classes”

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As well as a tab dedicated to our “Family Crafts” that links you to our Etsy Store.

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Lots going on!

Until next time,



Macica Workshop: Upcoming Guitar Building Class

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Hello all! This is a short post to tell you about an upcoming Guitar Building Class that will be offered through Maplewood Center for Common Craft

It is an “intensive” class that will be offered September 27th-December 8.  The class will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-9:00.

Here is part of the write-up for the class from the Maplewood website….

“Drawing from over 30 years of fine instrument making, Martin Macica will share his knowledge of the principles and practice of guitar making, leading participants through the process of making their own guitar using hand tools.   This intensive course will cover every aspect of guitar making, including the important hand-cut dovetail neck joint.   Participants will leave with a working knowledge of guitar making, and a handcrafted instrument ready for a lifetime of making music.”

The cost for the workshop and materials will be an estimated $1375, including all materials.  Price may vary slightly based on the number of participants.

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If you are interested in registering for the class, simply go to the Maplewood Center for Common Craft website (highlighted above).  I look forward to having you in the class.

Also, some upcoming Events:

The 25th Annual Woodworkers Showcase located at the Saratoga Springs City Center on April 2nd and 3rd from 10:00-5:00.

I will be participating both at the NWA booth and Maplewood Center for Common Craft booth with some demonstrations and talks about instrument building classes and various aspects of building instruments with hand tools.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Until next time,



Macica Workshop: D’Angelico Guitars

DSC03867 (2) (Custom)Greetings!  I thought I would feature the Arch top guitar class I have been teaching through the Northeast Woodworkers Association in this post..Things are going very well and everyone helps each other out…

DSC03846 (2) (Custom)DSC03854 (2) (Custom)DSC03848 (2) (Custom)DSC03845 (2) (Custom)DSC03844 (2) (Custom)

For the last few classes, we focused on carving the tops and backs…

IMG_0804 (Custom)IMG_0803 (Custom)DSC02897 (2) (Custom)

Then we fit and glue the tone bars….

IMG_0814 (Custom)

Next, we bind the f holes, glue the tops and backs to the sides and then the binding….

DSC03870 (2) (Custom)

guitar farm with Dave's head

guitar farm….who’s that hiding behind his guitar?

This last class, we dove-tailed our necks in…

DSC03881 (2) (Custom)

They are hand cut dove tails…

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The neck accounts for two thirds of the string length, so we make sure the dovetail fits exact and tight.  This will enable a good transfer of sound from the neck to the body.

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Once the necks are fit, we can move on to the carving and shaping of the neck.  I too, am building a guitar right along with my students.  Here I am cutting the edge with my purfling knife…

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On the side edge, I use my marking gauge.  It has a sharp knife in it…

DSC03902 (2) (Custom)

I enjoy using these hand tools because it leaves a graceful line and it is very accurate.

Hope you enjoyed the update on the guitar class.  I have so enjoyed working with these guys.  They are working hard and enjoying the process of instrument making as well.  I look forward to seeing many of you in future classes.

Take Care,



Macica Workshop-Season’s Greetings!

Hello Everyone!  Hope you had a pleasant Thanksgiving and are enjoying this holiday season.  In the workshop, I have been working on repairing a Viola da Gamba; an early period instrument.

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To me, this instrument is like a guitar that you bow…DSC03324 (Custom)DSC03334 (Custom)

The instrument has an arched top with a flat back.  It usually has 6 to 7 strings and has frets kind of like a guitar.  I love that it is simple, yet elegant…..DSC03338 (Custom)DSC03354 (Custom)

I was able to string it up today and am very pleased with how it sounds…

DSC03366 (Custom)Here is my son, Josiah, playing it for me…He plays the cello also. The Viola da Gamba is one of my favorite instruments to make.

DSC03646 (Custom) Other news…..

In the arched top guitar class, we are busy doing our homework and gouging out the inside plates and cutting out the ff’s….

DSC03648 (Custom)

Next class, we will focus on fitting the bass bars.  We will be glueing the top and back onto the sides… Stay tuned…

DSC02969 (Custom)Every December, our family takes part in a Holiday Market at Canal Street Art Center here in Schuylerville, N.Y….  It is an opportunity for the members of our church community to sell our handmade items for the holiday season…Here are a few of the items our family is selling this year…

DSC03085 (Custom)DSC03596 (Custom)Rug Hooked Stars, Coasters (Mug Rugs) and Mittens (made by my youngest son, Ezra)….DSC03607 (Custom)

DSC03550 (Custom)Cutting boards with different wood inlays (made by my oldest son, Ian)DSC03554 (Custom)

DSC03559 (Custom) Character wood carvings (made by my middle son, Josiah)

DSC03562 (Custom)DSC03572 (Custom)

DSC02959 (Custom)and some Mosaic coasters (a team project…I make the wood frames and my wife does the mosaic) and wash boards….DSC03483 (Custom)

There are many other tables full of beautiful handmade items.  If any of you live in the local area…. Feel free to come by the Holiday Market for some holiday shopping.  It is open for the next two weekends downtown Schuylerville….

*December 12:  9:30 to 4:00/  December 13:  9:30 to 1:00

*December 19: 9:30 to 4:00/  December 20:  9:30 to 1:00

and lastly….The Macica Workshop and family sing out….

DSC03073 (2) (Custom) Glad Tidings of Comfort and Joy to you this Holiday Season!

Sincerely, Martin Macica and family