Blue Highway in Lexington, Mass.

Well…here we are back from our trip to Lexington, Mass. to see Blue Highway.  My family and I enjoyed the concert very much.  They played two sets and I think we each heard several of the songs from our favorite Blue Highway song lists.

I delivered the A style mandolin that I recently finished to the mandolin player of the group; Shawn Lane.  I, not only enjoy how skillfully he plays the mandolin, but his excellent song writing and voice is a pleasure for all in our home to listen to.  It was a blessing for me to see the appreciation in his face as he looked over the instrument and played it.  I count it an honor for a musician like Shawn to play one of my instruments.

In the shop, it feels good to be back working on some repairs.  The repairs that customers bring into the shop can be sometimes a snap and other times a challenge…  whichever it is, I am grateful for the work.  Right now, I’m working on a bowl back mandolin repair…it should be done soon.

I am also continuing to work on the guitar I am building…I will include pictures next Blog.

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