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Guitar Work and more

Greetings from a snow covered New York!  Yes, we had a nice fluffy, thick snow last night that was really beautiful!  In the shop, I have been continuing to work on the guitar.  It seems much has been accomplished in these last four days…  I made some gobars to glue my tone bars onto the […]

In the Workshop….

Hello all!  I have some good news….  My hand dove tailed cello stand has been accepted into the Metropolitan Music catalog. This is something I have been thinking about doing for a long time.  It is nice to see it come to pass.  In the workshop, I seem to have many projects going on at […]

Blog #54: Cleaning Up Edges, Shaping

Good Morning!  I was hoping the weather would warm up soon, but I will say it hasn’t been too bad.. I’ve been getting a lot of odds and ends done around our land which has been nice. In the shop, I have been cleaning up the edges and rounding them off. I do a lot […]

Violin Process Moving Along

Hello everyone!  I’ve got to say, the weather here in upstate is great!  I know we didn’t have much of a winter, but I am looking forward to Spring.  Well… in the workshop, the plates for the violin commission I am working on are graduated and tuned. I cut out the f-holes using my coping […]

Blog #30:Spoons and Coasters

Blog #30: Spoons and Coasters A happy December weekend to you all…   I thought I would write a short blog to show some other wood projects that I have been working on in the shop.  The first weekend in December our community holds the Flax Mill Gallery Holiday Shop.  This year our family worked on […]