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Blog #25:The Ledge for the Binding

Blog #25:  The Ledge for the Binding Well, its been awhile since my last blog, I was wanting the last blog to be up for awhile being a finished piece and all..  I do really enjoy creating a piece entirely by hand.  It feels so natural and pleasurable.  Hand tools are extremely efficient when used […]

Blog #19: Cutting a Bridge

Blog #19:  Cutting a Bridge Hello! Well, we faired through the hurricane well.  This was the first time I ever experienced one.  Today is bridge day. I like to make them from scratch using a knife and a little saw.  I also am continuing to rub out the mandolin between the coats of oil varnish […]

Blog #17:Putting on the Varnish

Blog #17:  Putting on the Varnish Hello! Sorry my blogs have been few and far between lately.. busy summer of which I am thankful. I have finished scraping the binding with the commission I am working on. Now I have been applying the varnish. I use a spirit varnish of my own for a sealer. […]

Blog #12:Points between the Binding

Blog #12:  Points between the Binding Hello! Hope everyone is staying cool…its in the 90’s in our area!  Well, When I am finishing up the points between the binding I like to use Ivory or Wooly Mammoth.  It is nice to use this material because each one of my mandolins are special and one of […]

Blog #11:Finished binding and Flattening the Fingerboard

Blog #11: Finished binding and Flattening the Fingerboard Howdy all! Well, I have finished all the steerhorn binding on the commission instrument that I am working on… and soon it will be time for varnish.  This is the part where it seems like a lump of clay and there is a beautiful mandolin under all […]