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Grey Fox 2013

Greetings from Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival 2013! It is very hot here at the festival, yet the music goes on…..from young to old…..all are enjoying the music. It has been great meeting you all that have come by my booth.  We are not only representing The Macica Workshop this summer, but also promoting the Intro […]

Macica Guitar Finished

Well, the first Macica guitar is now finished and I am very pleased with how it came out… I feel the many years of making violins and mandolins has proven to have given me the skills and helps needed to make a guitar as well.  I have learned that there is a difference between handmade […]

More Guitar Work

Hello all, Sand and seal, sand and seal….  After the first sealer is on, I make sure I don’t let any seepage go into the wood. Next, I sand it until everything on the surface of the guitar is flat.  I keep repeating the sanding and sealer so that there is absolutely no pits or […]


Well, it has been a while since I last blogged….  I just recently put the first coat of sealer on the guitar I am making.  The process is called dry brushing.  The sealer has a thickness to it, but I put it on very thin.  I do it this way, as to not allow any […]


Dovetails….it is time to cut dovetails.  I like to take the time to make things conducive to using hand tools.  First, I cut the mortise using the gents saw… I do this before I glue the top and back on to ensure a straight clean cut.  Come to find out, I hear this is the way Martin […]