Dovetails….it is time to cut dovetails.  I like to take the time to make things conducive to using hand tools.  First, I cut the mortise using the gents saw…

I do this before I glue the top and back on to ensure a straight clean cut.  Come to find out, I hear this is the way Martin Co. used to do this long ago.  I cut the tenon using the gents saw with a wooden guide to ensure an accurate angle.

I think doing it this way ensures a nice, tight fit, and I don’t even have to use a clamp…

I glue it in using Hide glue because it fits so tight. By using Hide glue, I can release the neck easier if ever I have to take the neck out.  There is a blog posting off of Paul Sellers’ blog that refers to using Hide glue…

I will post more of the progress on the guitar soon.  It is coming along very well.

I am enjoying the sound of the newest member of our family….

My son’s horse, Adi can be heard from outside my shop window, and I find myself grateful for the simplicity of our lifestyle and the gifts we have been given.

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