Guitar Work and more

Greetings from a snow covered New York!  Yes, we had a nice fluffy, thick snow last night that was really beautiful!  In the shop, I have been continuing to work on the guitar.  It seems much has been accomplished in these last four days…  I made some gobars to glue my tone bars onto the top using a radius plate.

It is amazing how fast everything is coming together when you have all the right jigs and molds.  For the sides, I have glued and trimmed the linings…

After that, I voice the tone bars by using my thumb plane.  I love using this small plane, because it works so efficiently.

When I get all the inside finished, I then glue it all together.

This weekend, I will be at the Woodworking event at the Saratoga City Center in Saratoga Springs, New York.  I will be working on this guitar at the Maplewood Center for Common Craft booth.  We will be demonstrating all kinds of woodworking skills at the booth.  Please feel free to stop by…

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