Happy New Year from The Macica Workshop

Happy New year from my family to yours! This is a picture from our back pasture taken just before Christmas with our donkeys..Annie and Peaches.  After this picture was taken, we have had plenty of snow to make it now seem like wintertime.

In the shop, I am closing in on finishing the A-style mandolin that I have been working on.  I finish the neck first, for it will not have any varnish on it.  I will apply the color and then french polish it.

I do spend a lot of time paying attention to fine detail….

I use the scraper to finish out the mandolin before I brush on the first coat of sealer. I don’t use sand paper to do this because I don’t want the fibers to be filled with dust which can add weight.

Here I am dry brushing on the first coat of sealer…I am careful to keep it just on the surface of the wood so as to not let the sealer seep into the pores.

I will write again soon!






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