Hello again from the Macica Workshop…

Hello again from the Macica Workshop!  I guess it is now obvious that I would much rather be working wood in my shop than spending time on my computer…  I do however, enjoy sharing with you all what is going on in the shop.  I will try to keep you updated more often once again…  What have I been doing you may ask??

I have now finished up two classes I helped to teach at the Maplewood Center for Common Craft.   One was a preliminary guitar making course and the other was a wooden spoon making class. It has been a delight to work there and meet the people that took the classes.  Feel free to check out the website and see some of the pictures from the classes at:  http://www.maplewoodcraft.com/

I have been getting closer to finishing yet another Macica handmade guitar as well.

I really enjoy working on the neck.  Mahogany carves quite nicely.  I remove a lot of bulk wood using a chisel or gouge.

I find it is a good way to get to know a piece of wood…especially if you are working on a top or back of a mandolin or violin.  Each piece of wood has its own distinct qualities…some wood can be hard, some soft.  Some wood can be stiff, while others can be brittle.  It is good to consider weight as well.  If you are making a musical instrument, these qualities become extremely important.

This is a picture of the wood for my next batch of mandolins I will be working on.  I plan on starting four more of the A-style mandolins, that I have now sold all out of.  I hope to have them done for the next Joe Val Bluegrass Festival in February.

Stay tuned for my next blog….Until next time,

Martin Macica



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