Macica Guitar Finished

Well, the first Macica guitar is now finished and I am very pleased with how it came out... I feel the many years of making violins and mandolins has proven to have given me the skills and helps needed to make a guitar as well.  I have learned that there is a difference between handmade and handcrafted... I would say that I love to hand craft an instrument.  I find it a joy to see and hear the result after the work is finished.  It is a blessing to look at a work and to know that you have done your best and to be content with that. What is even better than my being pleased with the guitar, is seeing the person I made it for being pleased with it as well... Calvin Waldron is one of my favorite musicians and a good friend as well.  Many thanks to his wife Sherry for choosing me to make this special birthday gift for him.  It is such a joy to just sit back and listen to him play... I plan on starting another guitar soon.  I have enjoyed the whole process of making this instrument and learned much from it.  Until next time.. Martin  

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