Macica Mandolin-Joe Val Bluegrass Festival 2013

Well, its that time again for the Joe Val Bluegrass Festival in Framingham, Mass.  I remember when I was in my late teens and I would hitch hike (though I do not recommend this as a good means for travel) to the local bluegrass festivals like Corinth, Smoky Greens and Winter hawk to name a few.  Joe Val would be at most of these festivals and I loved the way his tenor voice would echo through the valley going through the stage speakers.  A good memory.

I have a nice line-up of mandolins for sale for this festival.  I only have one A-model left.  These new A-models have been received very well.  I am thankful for the great feedback you all have given me. Thanks!  With this model, I am trying to deliver a master craft instrument for an affordable price.  I also have three F-style models for sale that hold a beauty, play-ability and great sound as well.  I look forward to meeting and seeing you all that will be at the festival.

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