Macica Workshop

Hello all!

This is what my day looks like most mornings in the shop…

I always like to start my day with prayer and reading the Word.  I do find the Lord’s mercy’s to be new every morning and great is His Faithfulness.  During the week I spend time tending to customers.  Here is a recent customer that came to pick up his new bass in his new Ford F250 (Boss!) to carry it in…

WOW! that hard shell case is huge!  He is very happy with his new bass!  Over this weekend, my family and I are heading to Lexington, Mass. to the Blue Highway concert.  We are delivering the new A-style mandolin and here is a pic of my son and I finishing it up..

While we were doing this, my other two sons were out back baking bread on an open fire..

Yep…just an average day in the Macica Workshop…

Until next time,



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