Macica Workshop-Back from the Irish Isle

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Greetings!  We have returned from our two week trip over to Ireland.  We were able to see so much while over there…

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Amazing, beautiful landscapes….

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Quaint little towns with colorful houses and storefronts…

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Historical sites and sculptures of important Irish figures…

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Good Food and Markets…..

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and of course….lots of fun Irish music!  I was able to sit in a “Trad” (what they call traditional Irish music) session almost every night…

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It was a “grand holiday” as the Irish would say…   The Irish people were so friendly and welcoming.  Until we meet again Ireland….

In the workshop, I am close to finishing up with the violin class that I am teaching at the Northeast Woodworkers Association…


The students are doing well and it was a treat to see the progress they have made on their violins…



All the men in the class show a lot of heart in what they are doing and I am glad to be working with them.

If you are interested in making a D’Angelico arch top guitar,  the N.W.A is  organizing a class for the fall.

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D'Angelico Arched Top Guitar

D’Angelico Arched Top Guitar

There is a informational meeting on Thursday, June 25 at 6:30 pm.  This class is only open to members of the N.W.A, so you can look at the info on becoming a member at

Last evening, I was able to help teach the “Hardwood Spatula Workshop” at Maplewood Center for Common Craft.

DSC02185 (2) (Custom)DSC02187 (2) (Custom)    I encourage you to check out the website for the excellent workshops/classes that are being offered this summer and fall.

That is all for now,

Take Care,