Macica Workshop: Classes, Mandolins, WoodWorking Show

Greetings from the Workshop!  I am thankful for the change of seasons…Spring is on its way here in upstate New York.  As you know, I am continuing to teach the Violin Making Class for the Northeast Woodworkers Association…

P1100909 (2) (Custom)

Right now we are in the process of graduating and contouring the outside of the top and back.  We turn the lights off and just use one lamp.  We do this so it can cast a shadow over the top and back plates, so that we can see where we need to take wood away.

The tools we use are first, the gouge to rough carve the plates….

P1100892 (2) (Custom)

We then use the thumb plane to do the fine shaping…

P1100920 (2) (Custom)

Lastly, we use the scraper to make sure all is smooth…

P1100900 (2) (Custom)

After the outside contour is done, we are ready to flip the plates and use the same process for the inside of the back and top.

P1100921 (2) (Custom)

Along with making my own violin with the class, I am continuing to finish this new batch of A-style Mandolins.  This week, I put the inlay on the head stock…

P1100937 (2) (Custom)

The logo of the tree that I put on the head stock of all my instruments is based on the scripture in Mathew about the mustard seed.

I also wanted to mention about the upcoming WoodWorking Show in Saratoga Springs on March 28th and 29th.

We will have a display of some of the students work from the violin class I am teaching with the NWA.

I also will be doing some dovetail demonstrations at the Maplewood Center for Common Craft booth…

Check out the demonstrations that they will be offering at this years show:

Saratoga Woodworking Showcase – March 28 & 29, 2015
We will be back at the NWA Woodworkers Showcase this year on March 28 and 29, 2015 at the City Center in Saratoga Springs.   This year, in addition to our booth, we have been invited to be one of the featured demonstrators at the showcase.  We will also be raffling off a beautifully restored antique Stanley #4 Smoothing Plane at our booth.

Maplewood Featured Demonstrations – NWA Showcase 2015
  • Sat. 12:00-1:15pm – Handcut Mortise and Tenon Joints Made Simple
  • Sat.  3:30-4:45pm – Making a Shooting Board
  • Sun.  10:30-11:45am – Making a Shooting Board
  • Sun. 2:00-3:15pm – Handcut Mortise and Tenon Joints Made Simple

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