Macica Workshop: D’Angelico Guitars

DSC03867 (2) (Custom)Greetings!  I thought I would feature the Arch top guitar class I have been teaching through the Northeast Woodworkers Association in this post..Things are going very well and everyone helps each other out…

DSC03846 (2) (Custom)DSC03854 (2) (Custom)DSC03848 (2) (Custom)DSC03845 (2) (Custom)DSC03844 (2) (Custom)

For the last few classes, we focused on carving the tops and backs…

IMG_0804 (Custom)IMG_0803 (Custom)DSC02897 (2) (Custom)

Then we fit and glue the tone bars….

IMG_0814 (Custom)

Next, we bind the f holes, glue the tops and backs to the sides and then the binding….

DSC03870 (2) (Custom)

guitar farm with Dave's head

guitar farm….who’s that hiding behind his guitar?

This last class, we dove-tailed our necks in…

DSC03881 (2) (Custom)

They are hand cut dove tails…

DSC03877 (2) (Custom)DSC03876 (2) (Custom)DSC03874 (2) (Custom)

The neck accounts for two thirds of the string length, so we make sure the dovetail fits exact and tight.  This will enable a good transfer of sound from the neck to the body.

DSC03878 (2) (Custom)

Once the necks are fit, we can move on to the carving and shaping of the neck.  I too, am building a guitar right along with my students.  Here I am cutting the edge with my purfling knife…

DSC03906 (2) (Custom)

On the side edge, I use my marking gauge.  It has a sharp knife in it…

DSC03902 (2) (Custom)

I enjoy using these hand tools because it leaves a graceful line and it is very accurate.

Hope you enjoyed the update on the guitar class.  I have so enjoyed working with these guys.  They are working hard and enjoying the process of instrument making as well.  I look forward to seeing many of you in future classes.

Take Care,