Macica Workshop: Guitar Class/Joe Val Festival/A-Model Mandolin

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Its time again for the winter Joe Val Bluegrass Festival!  I hope to see you all in Framingham, Mass. this weekend…Come by the booth for a visit, to play a tune, and to try out one of the Macica instruments for sale.  Looking forward to a great weekend!

Maplewood Center for Common Craft: Guitar Building Class

We recently finished the Guitar Building Class at Maplewood Center for Common Craft...  It is so rewarding to come to the last class when we finish putting on the hardware, string up the instruments and listen to them play.  I so enjoy seeing the smiles on the students faces as they strum their own handcrafted guitar for the first time!  Great job guys!  Here are some photos from the class….

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Macica A-Model Mandolin: A happy customer!

I just recently finished a commission for a Macica A-model Mandolin for a customer that is a left-handed mandolin player…Enjoy Mary!

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Other News:


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Our friend and Irish folk musician, Tim O’Shea (dwells in County Kerry, Killarney, Ireland) will be coming to the local area… Feel free to check out one of the venues he will be playing coming up this March.

Here is our NY Tour:
USA Upstate New York March 19 – 27 
Date:                      Time:             Venue:                                                                              Event:
March 21 Wednesday 1-2:30pm     Public Services Librarian Bethlehem Public Library Concert (Trio)      
                                                               451 Delaware Avenue Delmar, New York 12054  (518) 439-9314 ext. 3009
March 22 Thursday 2-4         Saratoga Senior Centre                                           Concert (Duo)
March 22 Thursday 7 – 9      Glens Falls Crandall Public Library                      Concert (Trio)
March 23 Friday TBC             Saratoga House Concert   TBC                               TBC
March 24 Saturday    2-4       Schylerville Rural Drum Studio (Irish Drum talk and play)    Talk & Play (Solo)   
March 25 Sunday 2-4              Albany Heritage Centre Drum talk and demo  Talk & Demo
Enjoy the rest of the winter…..Spring will soon be on its way!
Until next time,