Macica Workshop: Joe Val Bluegrass Festival/Mandolins and More….

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Joe Val Bluegrass Festival

Hello all!  We had a nice time at the Joe Val Bluegrass Festival in Framingham, Mass.  In the midst of a room swimming with Eastman Instruments, I was able to set up a table to show my new mandolins that I had just finished.  It can be a bit discouraging to see so many of the mass produced instruments with lower price tags being sold so frequently these days, but I do appreciate the player that comes to my table/booth and sees the quality of workmanship, the sound and the artistry that goes into the handcrafted Macica Instrument.  Here are a few photos of the new mandolins…

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Ian’s new Macica Mandolin:

I recently put the finishing touches on a Macica Mandolin that is actually the first mandolin that I ever made.  I never fully finished it out and have kept it in storage until now.  I asked my son, Ian if he would like to have this instrument if I took the time to finish it out.  He gave me his input on how he would like to  see it finished out, and he now has his very own Macica instrument…

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The shop’s new look:

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Here is a photo of the main workshop area above….This winter we have worked on making a second workshop space with two new benches and some more shelving for hanging instruments.  This new space makes room for my sons to work on various projects, some independent study class space for instrument building, and more bench space for repairs as well…

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Northeast Woodworkers Showcase

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Looking forward to the Northeast Woodworkers Wood Show this weekend..

March 24th and 25th at the Saratoga City Center.  I will be doing a demo on Saturday from 10:30-12:00 in the Highrock room on making a violin scroll…Hope to see you there!

Well, that’s all for now…..Looking forward to Spring arriving soon…

I’ll post some photos of the guitars that I am finishing up next time.

Until then,