Macica Workshop: Mandolins and More….

Greetings from The Macica Workshop!  Well, Spring is here, and in between work projects in the shop, we have been busy getting our gardens ready…..

IMG_1326 (Custom) IMG_0932 (Custom)IMG_1327 (Custom)IMG_0930 (Custom)

Taking care of our baby goats that were born last month…..

IMG_1453 (Custom) IMG_1462 (Custom)IMG_0985 (Custom)IMG_0986 (Custom)

and just enjoying the beauty of Spring!

IMG_1158 (Custom)IMG_1258 (Custom)IMG_1541 (Custom)

In the Workshop:

I am working on finishing up a mandolin commission as well as some new mandolins that I will be bringing to Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival in July.. (click on link for more information about the festival)

IMG_1535 (Custom)

Here, I am bending the ebony for the back of the head-stocks….

IMG_1536 (Custom)

Next, I clamp them in place.

IMG_1538 (Custom)IMG_1540 (Custom)IMG_1539 (Custom)

I will continue to work on the fingerboards and head-stocks…and post the progress next time.

Other Workshop Projects:

I have just finished up a commission with my son, Josiah to make a handmade “folk art” style chess set for a friend of ours.  While I worked on the chess board and box/drawers, Josiah hand-carved all the figures and did the finish work on them.  Here are some pictures of the process….

IMG_1347 (Custom)IMG_0715 (Custom)IMG_0374 (Custom)IMG_1348 (Custom)IMG_1476 (Custom)IMG_1474 (Custom)IMG_1480 (Custom)IMG_1482 (Custom)IMG_1500 (Custom)IMG_1497 (Custom)IMG_1499 (Custom)IMG_1489 (Custom)IMG_1487 (Custom)IMG_1509 (Custom)IMG_1516 (Custom)IMG_1503 (Custom)IMG_1506 (Custom)IMG_1502 (Custom)IMG_1520 (Custom)IMG_1521 (Custom)IMG_1524 (Custom)IMG_1526 (Custom)IMG_1529 (Custom)IMG_1530 (Custom)


I just finished up with the Mandolin Building Class that I was teaching through Northeast Woodworkers Association.  All the men in the class were a pleasure to work with and have done a fine job with building their instruments.  Here are some photos from the last few classes:

IMG_0831 (Custom) IMG_0829 (Custom) IMG_0828 (Custom) IMG_0825 (Custom) IMG_0822 (Custom) IMG_0820 (Custom) IMG_0816 (Custom) IMG_1247 (Custom) IMG_1239 (Custom) IMG_1238 (Custom) IMG_1236 (Custom) IMG_1234 (Custom) IMG_1232 (Custom) IMG_1231 (Custom) IMG_1227 (Custom) IMG_1223 (Custom) IMG_1220 (Custom) IMG_1219 (Custom) IMG_1218 (Custom)

Thanks for all your hard work and for your interest in learning the process of mandolin making.  Look forward to another class soon!

As a side note:  I have added pictures to the “classes” tab on our website….Feel free to take a look!  I think I have all the classes posted on there now.      Next one to be offered will be Dreadnought Guitar Building through Maplewood Center for Common Craft (Class is full).

Well, I think that is all the updates for now.  Enjoy your Spring/Summer!

Until next time,