Macica Workshop: New Summer/Fall Guitar Course: Revised dates and time

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Greetings from The Macica Workshop!

We have decided to change the dates and times for the upcoming guitar course.  We have several people interested, but they were unable to take the course during the day work hours…therefore, here are the new dates and times:

Drawing from over 30 years of fine instrument making, Martin Macica will share his knowledge of the principles and practice of guitar making, leading participants through the process of making their own guitar using hand tools.   This intensive course will cover every aspect of guitar making, including the important hand-cut dovetail neck joint.   Participants will leave with a working knowledge of guitar making, and a handcrafted instrument ready for a lifetime of making music.

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*Monday and Wednesday evenings from 5:30-9:00 p.m.




M 29th     W 31st



M 5th     W 7th

M 12th    W 14th

M 19th    W 21st

M 26th    W 28th



M 2nd      W 4th

M 9th      W 11th

M 16th     W 18th

M 23rd     W 25th

M 30th     W Oct. 2nd



M 7th       W 9th

Make-up  W 16th


*22 classes


When: July 29 – October 9


Where:  Maplewood Center for Common Craft

158 Windy Hill Rd
Greenwich, NY 12834‎


Open Places: 6
Fees: $1495


*Registration due by July 10.  You can register through The Maplewood Center for Common Craft Website.

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Look forward to seeing you in class!  If you have any questions, please feel free contact me:

Shop phone: 518-695-3029


Take Care,