Macica Workshop: New Year 2020/Recap from Sept. to Dec. 2019


2020 Greetings from The Macica Workshop!

I hope you all had a pleasant holiday season! As I entered the new year of 2020, I realized that it has been much too long since my last blog post (September 2019).  Be that as it may, I would like to catch you up with my workshop news from September through the new year….Here goes!

In September, I traveled once again to the Fresh Grass Bluegrass Festival


Thank you to all who came to my booth to visit! I enjoyed talking and playing some tunes with you!  A privilege to have Mike Marshall visit my booth and try out one of my mandolins. (check out this short video).


Cello Commission:

I began work on a cello commission for a friend of mine in Manitou Springs, Co.  Here are a few photos and video of the instrument…Enjoy!



I am now in the process of putting on the color/varnish for the cello.  I will be traveling to Colorado to deliver the instrument in February.  I will keep you posted on the progress…to be continued….


In October, I attended the Capital Region Guitar Show:

Thank you to Matt McCabe (Owner of Saratoga Guitar Shop) for the booth space and opportunity to take part in the show.


New Guitar Building Class Begins!


The new guitar building class at Maplewood Center for Common Craft began in the beginning of October.  Here are some photos/videos of the new class…




All the students in the class are doing well and it is exciting to see the guitars taking shape and form.  Looking forward to our next class!



Aviation Thanksgiving 7small

In November, I traveled down south over the Thanksgiving holiday.  I was able to meet up with a young Custom Furniture Builder and Windsor Chair Maker named, Blake Loree:

I enjoyed talking shop with Blake and seeing his workshop as well.


In addition, I also met up with Custom Wood Carver, Kris Connors (also my brother-in-law):  

He was working on an owl carving during our visit…





Moving right along…..we have now arrived to the last month of the year, December…

Adirondack Dulcimer Making Class:

IMG_1938 I will be teaching an Adirondack Dulcimer Making Class at the Adirondack Folk School this summer in the month of August.  Feel free to check out these classes and others they offer through their website,


In between travels and shop work, I keep busy with my three sons with various projects….

15549138896571555870130511P1100453 (2) (Custom)P1100437 (2) (Custom)1555539829990P1100319 (2) (Custom)

My son, Josiah finished his Octave Mandolin.  We have been enjoying making music with this new instrument.  It has a sweet, deep sound to it.


Josiah also finished up a commission he had of a stable to house a nativity set for the Christmas holiday.

IMG_2242IMG_2241IMG_2240IMG_1602My son, Ian just purchased his first forge.  He will use it for shoes for the horses he works on as well as various crafts he is wanting to create.  He recently finished this stand (photo above) for his anvil which in turn included both welding and woodworking skills to make.


Last, but not least, all three boys and I decided to attempt to make a homemade ice rink in our front yard this winter.  These photos are from our Christmas Day skate and family hockey game.

We enter 2020 with thankfulness for the rich life the Lord has blessed us with….

Thank you to all the Macica Workshop customers and friends over these many years….Thank you.  In this new year, I am hoping to post on the blog at least once per month…Stay tuned. (Feel free to take a look at our newly updated above)


Until next time,