Macica Workshop: November News

Greetings from the Macica Workshop!

DSC02861 (Custom) The new floor in the shop is now finished..  and we are very happy with the end result.

DSC02860 (Custom)DSC02862 (Custom)

In other news, the Arched Top Guitar Class is going very well.

DSC02891 (2) (Custom)  Right now, is a prominent part of the class.  We are carving the contour of the top and back of the guitar.

DSC02897 (2) (Custom)

There are three stages here:

1.  First, rough gouging using a gouge and sometimes using a scrub plane

2.  Next, making the arch a little refined by using a thumb plane.. We do this using a lamp and shadow so the contour can be achieved..

DSC02892 (2) (Custom)

3.  Thirdly, we finish it out smooth using a scraper. Now it is time to turn it over and scoop the inside… To be continued….


A busy time of repairs in the shop…  In 2007, I had built a Viola da Gamba for a customer of mine.  The customer called me up to let me know that through an accident, the top had been damaged.  So, rather than fix the top, I am replacing it with a new one…

DSC02901 (2) (Custom)

Being the builder of the instrument, I feel this is the better way, so the instrument will maintain its value.

DSC02905 (2) (Custom)

As you can see in the photo above, I am also finishing up a cello repair with a bass bar crack.  Here, in this next photo, I am using a technique that I learned in New York City (where I apprenticed back in the 80’s) of replacing the bass bar with structural studs.

DSC02904 (2) (Custom)

Having a crack along the side of the bass bar makes that part of the top very vulnerable….this is the reason for the structural studs.  Next, I fit the bass bar over the studs to finish out the repair…

DSC02907 (2) (Custom)

I am sure you are all looking forward to a nice turkey dinner, time with family and friends and perhaps some apple or pumpkin pie…  May you have a pleasant Thanksgiving holiday…


Martin Macica