Macica Workshop-October 2014

Greetings from the Workshop!  I have just returned from a weekend of Salmon fishing with my oldest son and a few friends…


We caught some great fish!  I’m happy to have a good amount of fish meat in our freezer now…

In the workshop, I am finishing up a lot of projects.  I have mainly been working on the A-style mandolins (three in all) and the bouzouki that I blogged on last post.

I am really enjoying using Burl wood in a few parts of this instrument.  Burls yield a highly figured wood that can be prized for its beauty and rarity. It can be sought after by furniture makers, artists and wood sculptors.  I am using it for the binding and the rosette on the bouzouki..I think it adds a beautiful touch to this instrument.

I have just finished the tuning of the plates and the shaping of the tone bars on the mandolins.  Now, I will close them up and it will be time for the binding and putting the necks in.  I’ll keep you posted!

I wanted to give a little plug in this post for an event happening tomorrow evening (Thursday) October 9th at 7:00. The Northeast Woodworkers Association is having an instrument maker forum at the Shaker Museum near the Albany airport.  I will be talking about violin making and invite you all to please feel free to come!

I look forward to visiting and talking with those that come out to listen/learn from a few of the local luthiers in the area.

Until next time,






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