Macica Workshop: October News…


Hello Everyone…..  The A-style mandolins are now finished…

P1140007 (2) (Custom)P1140003 (2) (Custom)P1140009 (2) (Custom)P1140001 (2) (Custom)P1140012 (2) (Custom)P1140014 (2) (Custom)


I am pleased with the balance of beauty and sound.  The varnish is dark, yet transparent and they both produce a good, powerful sound with a balanced tone.

P1130107 (2) (Custom)

We have begun the Guitar building class (D’Angelico style Arched Top Guitar)….We cover quite a bit of ground in each class.  Last class, we built the sides of the guitar..

P1130102 (2) (Custom)     In the second class, we joined the top and the back….First, we planed down the wood of the top and back for joining them together…

P1130101 (2) (Custom)P1130103 (2) (Custom)

Next, we glued the top together using Hyde glue….P1130091 (2) (Custom)

My son helping me join the top in my own shop….

P1130096 (2) (Custom)P1130105 (2) (Custom)

After the glue is dry, the students will cut the outline out and start carving the contour…

P1130099 (2) (Custom)

Here’s Francis (retired chef whom also took my Violin making class…great guy!) pointing to his work cut out for him….

Lastly, my weekend project in shop….Putting in a new floor!

P1130112 (2) (Custom)

Here is the “before” picture of the rubber mat floor…..

DSC02828 (2) (Custom)

Next, putting down furring strips on masonry so that I can nail the new pine floor to it….  To be continued…..on next post.

Take Care,