Macica Workshop-Spring is here!

Hello all!  Spring is here and we have had some beautiful evenings here in upstate New York….

In the workshop, I have been busy with a few shows, commissions, repairs and some finishing work.  I am thankful that I have plenty to put my hands to. I was at a guitar show all weekend in Saratoga Springs that is put on by Matt McCabe and Saratoga Guitar Thank you Matt! It was a lot of fun and I was glad to meet those that stopped by the booth. I was able to set up a work bench next to my table and demonstrate a few of the aspects of making a guitar that will be covered in the upcoming guitar courses offered through Maplewood Center for Common Craft I encourage you to check out both of these websites.

I was able to demonstrate such skills as making a dovetail neck joint, binding, rosette, side bending and more..  It seems it is one thing to listen to someone talk about any one of these processes, but I think people really appreciate being able to see it done right in front of them.

I feel a handmade instrument has a certain perfection and beauty to it….sort of like looking at a painting done by Monet. Somehow in a persons’ imperfectness, the piece is perfect…..

I recently finished the D’angelico style guitar I have been working on.  This instrument actually was started as a home school project with Jeff Richards.  He then commissioned me to finish it after it was done in the white.  I think it is a beautiful instrument.

Jeffrey, aside from being pretty handy with a chisel, is a talented and great brother in the Lord. I am proud of this young man.

My boys have been working on various projects in the shop…. I am so glad we can work together and that they desire to put their hands towards things that are quality. I always want to encourage parents that even at a young age children can learn some of these skills.

Even a simple wood project can be beautiful while at the same time helping to refine your woodworking skills.  I recently finished a simple stool for some dear friends of mine that recently had a baby boy in whom I share a birthday with..

I hope you all are enjoying this spring season!

Until next time,


*next post I will feature the bouzouki, mandolin and guitar commissions I am currently working on….


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