Macica Workshop-Springtime

P1110015 (2) (Custom) Well, Spring is slowly showing itself here in upstate.  We are able to start some of our outside projects for the season.  My son, Ian and I began breaking up an old concrete foundation on top of our hill to ready the area for his training pen for his horse Adi and a new colt.

P1110023 (2) (Custom)P1110038 (2) (Custom) In the shop, I finished putting the binding on the mandolins.  Next, I will be gluing on the fingerboard so that I can start shaping it.  Right now it is like a diamond in the rough.

P1110188 (2) (Custom) I am also doing my best to keep up with my students in the violin class. We spent last class focusing in on the purfling and roughing out the scroll.  I hope to soon have my scroll close to finished so that I can start fitting in the neck.

P1110194 (2) (Custom)P1110196 (2) (Custom)

Instruments in their present state….

P1110190 (2) (Custom) I will keep you posted on some of the upcoming classes I will be teaching in the fall when all the details are worked out….Stay tuned!

Take Care,