Macica Workshop, Winter Work

Hello Everyone!

It has been very cold here in upstate New York these last few weeks…..Our wood pile keeps needing to be added to, as we seem to be going through the wood quite quickly this season.  Here is a picture of my son Ian with our donkeys’ (Annie and Peaches) loading wood.

Though cold outside…in shop I am staying nice and warm.  I have been working on finishing up the fingerboards on two guitars. On the Macica guitar, I’m using an ebony binding so that you won’t be able to see the fret tangs….

This also makes it so you can’t see the binding either.  I think it is these little finishing touches, that can make a truly fine instrument.  You can see the other fingerboard I am working on in the background of this photo.

I am also putting on the rosewood veneer to the head stock.  I cut the abalone inlay and the veneer at the same time. This makes for a perfect fit every time.  I use the negative piece to position the veneer face onto the head stock.  By gluing the negative inlay piece onto the head stock, it ensures a perfect position for the gluing of the veneer.

After I am done with that, I continue with cutting out the head stock.  I scribe and then cut with a gent saw…

Now, it is time to finish the neck.  I really do enjoy using hand tools for each part of the process of making these instruments.

Stay Warm everyone…I hear we have some snow on the way here in upstate.

Until next time,


Oh! I almost forgot to mention Joe Val Bluegrass Festival coming up in a couple of weeks (Feb. 14-16) at the Sheraton in Framingham, Mass.  Look forward to seeing many of you there!




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