Macica Workshop-Wintertime in New York

Greetings from Macica Workshop in snowy New York!  These last couple snow storms have presented a blanket of white fun for our three boys and friends….

Winter is definitely here!  In the workshop, I have been working diligently on the three A-style mandolins that I hope to have finished before Spring.  I finished some fine tuning to the tone bars and glued the tops on.  I then cut the over hanging edge flush with the sides. I use a spoke shave at first….

Next, I smooth it using a file or scraper….

I then cut out the space for the heel…

When that is finished, the mandolin is ready to fit the neck.  This process needs to be exact making sure the angle is right.  The neck needs to be straight and break out over the top at the right height.

All of these aspects have to come together at the same time in the process.  I can then glue the neck in.

While the mandolin necks are gluing, I look out the window at the winter snow falling…  and think…. “its time to shovel again!”

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