MacicaWorkshop: January Workshop News

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Greetings from the Macica Workshop!  We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and are enjoying this winter season.

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You may remember this bouzouki in the photos above that I had been commissioned to make for the musician  Andy Gullahorn a while back…  During this Christmas season, my family was invited by Andy to come see the bouzouki in action, as he would be playing it in the “Behold the Lamb of God” show that was coming to nearby Danbury/Bethel Connecticut.  We enjoyed the story as well as the musicianship within the show very much…  The bouzouki sounded great!

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Thank you Andy! It is always fun and rewarding to see my work being played and enjoyed.

IMG_6783 (Custom)IMG_6781 (Custom)IMG_6769 (Custom)IMG_6775 (Custom)IMG_6777 (Custom)IMG_6770 (Custom)IMG_6766 (Custom)IMG_6763 (Custom)IMG_6760 (Custom)  In my last post, I had written a little bout the Viola da Gamba I just finished for a customer.  Here are some more photos of the finished instrument.  Just like early period instruments were made long ago, I still use seasoned wood, real oil varnish and all hand tools…In this way,  I am able to get a real authentic result.

The Macica Workshop is now up and running on instagram.  I am often daily taking photos of what I am working on in the workshop, and will be posting them hopefully more frequently than I am able to post these blogs… Stay tuned and enjoy the photos!

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Upcoming Guitar Classes:  

I am in the process of planning some upcoming Guitar Building classes to be starting soon….I will post the details when they are finalized.

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That is all for now!

Take Care,