Making a Guitar-The Process

Hello Everyone!  I have now begun the process of making a guitar.  I am building a Martin style D18.  A good friend  of mine is letting me borrow his so I can get all of the dimensions.  I like the simplicity of this guitar, yet it is very well respected.

I am tracing the outline so that I can make the plywood mold.  I am making a lot of counterpart molds, so that the pieces of the guitar can conform to them to create the correct archings and shapes.

I’ve been getting the plates of the guitar graduated to a workable thickness.  I do this all by hand using a smoothing plane first…

Then I use a cabinet scraper to get it close to a finished thickness….

I never use sandpaper, because I don’t want to fill the fibers or reeds in the wood with sawdust which deadens the sound and adds weight.

This is a picture of what wood looks like when it is not filled with sawdust.

I will continue to keep you posted on the process..

Until next time,






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