Mystery Mandolin Player

Hello!  Someone had sent this article to me recently….wow, did this bring back some memories of my younger years (1979). I must of been 17 years old in these pictures.  I thought it would be fun to post on my blog.  Enjoy!


The Mystery Mandolin Player

The process of making the Sweet Cider Museum and Internet Archive a reality has meant that I spend a lot of time looking at old photos, listening to old recordings and digging deep into the recesses of my mind trying to remember how things were. I ask the folks who lived it along with us their recollections and then try to piece it together hoping the memories are as accurate as possible. Even so some of the things happened so long ago it’s hard to know if everything I write here is accurate, because everyone remembers things a little differently.

As I look through the photos I can recognize most of the people in them. Usually Tom, Joe, Walt or myself, and every now and then someone who might have been with us at the time. Then there are the photos that I have of someone who I remember, but can’t place a name to. Like this one from the 1979 Corinth Bluegrass Festival.Now I remember this young fellow with the mandolin coming over to our camp and picking with us all weekend, but if I were to try and place a name to the face I’d be lost. And so for the last 30 years or so whenever I looked at the picture I would always wonder what the kid’s name was and whatever happened to him.

This past Sunday, at Easter dinner, the mystery was solved. Joe and I were talking and the set of photos with the mystery mandolin player came up. Joe said he wanted to let the kid know that his picture was included on these pages. I was surprised to find out that Joe knew him and had actually run into him over the years. So folks meet Marty Macica.

Marty Macica

Marty as it turns out became a luthier and makes mandolins and violins. Here’s a link to his website: The Macica Workshop


So for me a 30 year mystery has been solved. I’m happy to see that someone who I bumped into over 30 years ago became so successful. Way to go Marty.

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