Process…I love process.  I love to build instruments, as well as developing more efficient ways to accomplish making instruments using hand tools.

I can feel the wood and work with it to bring sound to its potential.  Right now, I am working on the guitar and cutting the edge for the binding.  I like to use a violin purfling knife for the top edge that works excellent and leaves a graceful line.

For the side cut, my friend and fellow craftsman Paul Sellers suggested that I should use a veritas marking gauge for this.  I have found this to work very well.  Come to find out, veritas had another marking gauge with a knife which enabled me to cut deeper.  With a few modifications, I was able to get it working smoothly.

I know a lot of luthiers use different tools to do this, but I find this method leaves a much cleaner line.

Making this guitar has been such a pleasure.  I will be teaching an upcoming guitar course in the fall.  If you have an interest in taking an Introduction to Guitar Making class, you can read about the details at the Maplewood Center for Common Craft website….

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