Shop Work-Mandolins/Violin

Hello!  In the shop I am trying to tie up some lose ends with a few unfinished instruments.

I didn’t finish this F5 in time for the Grey Fox Festival, so I am doing that now…

I am also finishing touch ups on a violin that is antiqued (though I am not a big fan of antiquing).

Of course, I continue to make progress on the A5 I am currently working on as well. Things are progressing.

What I love most about these instruments, is that they are all handmade.  There is something to appreciate when you see what comes forth from an artisan that works with his hands.  Whether it be a piece of pottery from a potter, a rocking chair from a furniture maker, or a fine instrument from a luthier…. I do appreciate when a customer sees the beauty and craftsmanship in what is handmade.

*A note to those who check out my website periodically, I have added pictures under the “Workshop”tab and “Instrument Prices” heading.  These are pictures of the instruments I currently have for sale in my shop.  Feel free to check them out.

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