The guitar and mandolin

Hello!  Well, now that all my templates, molds and jigs are done…now it is time to start to make the guitar.

I’m starting out by roughing out all the pieces.  I use a hand saw to get the shape of the neck.

I then, cut into the back of the neck.  I use a chisel to remove the bulk of the wood and to narrow down the back of the neck.  When I am carving a shape such as a neck or a head stock, I do the majority of the roughing out with a hand saw.  Hand tools seem to give me more control, and if you learn to use them skillfully they are very fast and efficient.

I am also getting close to finishing up the A-style mandolin that I have been working on.  I just finished the base coat today…

Next, I will darken up the edges….  I can’t wait to string it up and hear how it sounds!  It has a one piece curly maple back and a Adirondack spruce top.  I’ll show more pics in a few days of the finished color.  Until then,



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