The Workshop in December

Hello once again!  Now that December is here, I have a lot going on in the shop….  I just finished up five dove tailed cello stand boxes that I am selling through Metropolitan Music Company

I think what makes these special, is that they have hand dovetailed joints.  Some of the boxes will have varnish and some will not.  They are fun to do!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving.  We had family visiting from Connecticut.  My nephew Caleb and I, had some time together doing some shop work. Here, he is using a spoke shave. He just recently turned three years old.

You can start children working with wood at a young age by giving them a feel for a hand tool.  You don’t necessarily need a project that they need to finish, but just a piece of wood and the correct tool.  This can help to simply develop a feel.  I did this with my children at a young age, and now it is wonderful to see some of the beautiful things they are making now.

This is the season that the Canal Street Art Center hosts its annual Holiday Shoppe.  My son Josiah has hand carved some little figures to sell on our table this year.   My other two sons have made some handmade spoons, cutting boards and Folk art birds.  They enjoy getting their crafts together for this event every year.  If you are from the local area, the Holiday Shoppe is worth coming to check out for gift giving.  The shoppes’ vendors sell all handmade items from pottery to clothing to art and much more.  The Shoppe will be open for the first three weekends in December (Sat. 10-4  Sun. 10-1)  The location is Canal Street Art Center, Schuylerville, New York (centrally located on Broad Street-downtown).

Last bit of news from the workshop, is that I recently received a commission for an A-style mandolin.  What is neat about this commission, is that it’s going to be an all natural finish.  I have to say, that the wood that Zach picked out for this instrument is just stunning…it will make for a beautiful mandolin.

Well, that’s all for now.  Until next time,





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